White Balance


This is a follow-up story to the novella Exposure. You can read each chapter in the drop down menu.

Blurb: When Jeremy Trask walked into Martin Lewis’ photography studio neither man was prepared for the instant attraction that swept them up and refused to be denied. Three years later Jeremy has fulfilled his dream of becoming a working male model while Martin has embarked on a more fulfilling photography career in nature journalism. Now a world famous photographer has requested Jeremy pose for him in London. Martin accompanies Jeremy, ostensibly to do a photo spread on the New Forest for Outside magazine, but really because he can’t bear to be apart from the man he loves. When things in London don’t turn out as expected, can Martin and Jeremy navigate the hurt feelings and jealousy that suddenly threaten their relationship?

MM, Contemporary, Erotic, Light Kink, 18+


White Balance – Part One (Chapters 1-6)

White Balance – Chapter Seven

White Balance – Chapter eight

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