WB Chapter Nine

Gay, Contemporary, Erotic, Light Kink, 18+

I woke up to the alarm on Jeremy’s phone at seven thirty. He had to meet Kureck at his studio at ten and wanted plenty of time to get ready.

When I felt him start to move out from under the bedsheets I wrapped a hand around his wrist, keeping him close. “Wait a second.”

“What? This better not be a booty call, Martin. You had all night and I need to shower.”

“Can I just get a kiss?”

He rolled his eyes but moved closer. “Always. You don’t even have to ask.”

“Sorry about the morning breath,” I said, finding his mouth in the dimness.

“Doesn’t matter,” he murmured, kissing me back.

I trailed a hand down over the soft skin of his ass, stroking him there while I kissed him. I wished we had nothing better to do than make love all morning.

Finally he pulled away. “Gotta go shower.”

I propped myself on my elbow and watched him get out of bed. God, he was beautiful. And he was mine. I really hoped Felix Kureck understood that.

While Jeremy was in the shower I got up and and made myself a crappy cup of Kurig coffee. As expected, it tasted like shit. I swallowed a couple of mouthfuls anyway.

Jeremy came out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist.

“Oh, Martin, that face. Looks like someone you hate just came in your mouth.”

I gave him a tolerant look, then wrinkled my nose. “That wouldn’t even be as bad as this swill. Want to go downstairs for some decent coffee and breakfast?”

He nodded.

“Can I grab a shower first?” I asked.

“Make it quick. I have to hoof it to Felix’s by, like, nine thirty.”

By half past eight we were down in the hotel restaurant drinking strong Sumatran coffee and digging into breakfast. Jeremy, not wanting to be bloated and uncomfortable for his photo shoot, opted for oatmeal with fruit and whole wheat toast. I, however, with no plans while he was gone except for lounging around the suite doing some online research, had ordered Eggs Benedict with hash browns and ham. It tasted heavenly.

I noticed that Jeremy kept tapping his foot against the floor.

“Nervous?” I asked.

He smiled. “A bit. Excited. Both.”

“I can come with you if you want.”


“Well, I can.”

“I think I can handle it. I’m not eight. I’m a grown man.”

“I know that. I just…”

“You’ve got to let this go, Martin. Felix isn’t going to jump me, trust me. I’m sure he looks at sexier men than me most days, and keeps his hands to himself.”

“How do you know?”

He just looked at me and shook his head.

“Fine. I’m just saying.”

“I know. I know you’ve got my back. I just need you to relax. I need to do this by myself.”

“Okay. Just, text me when you’re finished so I know when to expect you back?”

“Of course.”

After we’d put the meal on our room tab and got up to leave, Jeremy’s phone buzzed. After checking it he told me Felix was offering to pick him up so Jeremy could save the cab fare.

“That’s nice of him.”

“He’ll be here in fifteen. I just need to brush my teeth and pack my bag.”

We went back up to the room. I leaned on the window ledge and gazed out at the sunny London skyline, filled with unease about Jeremy’s photo shoot. I realized by now it was misplaced jealousy. I had to let it go and be confident he’d navigate this endeavour with skill and safety. I was only a text away, after all.

Jeremy came over to give me a sweet kiss on the lips.

“Mmm, minty,” I said.

“Be good while I’m gone, Martin.”

“What the hell does that mean?”

“No surfing hardcore porn sites or anything. That shit we do together.”

“Very funny.”

“The soft core ones are fair game though, if you feel like it,” he smirked.

I rolled my eyes. “How about I wait for you to get back, and then we’ll create our own soft core porn?”

He grinned salaciously. “Or hard core, even?”

I laughed. “Get out of here. Good luck. Have fun.”

He laughed and checked his phone. “He’s here. See you later. I’ll text you when I’m on my way back.”

I nodded, watching him leave and sighing with regret. We’d been together every minute since we boarded the flight to London, and his sudden absence felt like a part of me was missing.

The next hour passed slowly as I puttered around the hotel room aimlessly looking for stuff to do to take my mind off the rest. Finally deciding to check out the hotel pool, I put on my red trunks and a t-shirt, grabbed a book in case I decided to just sit in a deck chair and read, and padded to the elevator.

The pool was in the basement. When the elevator doors opened the pungent smell of too much chlorine washed over me, taking me back to swimming lessons with my class in grades five and six. I still don’t get why the teachers put us through that – right when the girls were starting to go through puberty and the boys were starting to take notice. I remember my best friend, Julia, crying because she didn’t want to go swimming but she was too embarrassed to tell our male teacher that she had her period. Some girls started early and she was one of those. Her best friend Alice told Mr. Clarkson that Julia wasn’t feeling well and had puked in the change room. Mr. Clarkson, whether he figured out what the deal really was or not, told Alice to sit with her in the bleachers and make sure she was okay. I tried to send her comforting glances when the teacher and the other boys weren’t looking but that just made her more embarrassed.

All of that came back to me as I made my way poolside. I guess I didn’t really frequent indoor pools very often. Frankie and Simon had an in-ground outdoor pool which was where Jeremy and I got our swim on during the warm months of the Ottawa summers.

There wasn’t anyone else down there, since it was early afternoon on a Monday. I dumped my book and towel on one of the chairs and got in quickly, starting to swim laps as soon as my body hit the water. It worked for about five minutes, maybe ten. Then thoughts of Jeremy posing in various erotic ways for Felix started popping into my brain like in those Viewfinder cameras we used to use. I knew Felix was after a certain kind of sexual energy for this shoot. A youthful, erotic, male energy, that Jeremy certainly had in abundance.

It had never really bothered me that he shared that energy with other photographers during regular modelling shoots for fashion ikons like Yves St. Laurent or Burberry. I knew those outfits sent overworked photographers who only wanted to get the best and quickest shot and then went on to their next appointment. It was more of a job than an art piece.

But this thing with Felix Kureck was something more, and that’s what had Jeremy so excited and a little nervous. This was art photography. This was spending an afternoon trying different things and creating something together. This was intimate. I only hoped it was intimate in a way that kept propriety in mind and didn’t overstep professional and personal boundaries. I’d seen that happen once before and it had better not happen again with Jeremy because he was mine and I wasn’t sharing.

I got out of the water and dried off, grabbing my book and heading back to the elevator. I’d left my phone upstairs so as soon as I got changed into dry clothes I checked it to see if Jeremy had texted me.

He had:

The shoot went a bit late so we’re just grabbing lunch and then Felix will drive me back to the hotel. Should be there around four. See you soon. <3.

Maybe that soft-core porn idea wasn’t a bad one. It would take my mind off other things for at least twenty minutes. I brought my laptop onto the bed and kicked off my shoes, unzipping my pants and stroking over my cock, wondering what I should watch. I perused my list of favourites.

None of it was really soft-core though. It was all pretty hard-core kink with guys getting tied up and fucked with huge dildos and shit like that. There was one I really got off on, and that was this really hot, muscled guy, hog-tied over a suspended metal bar, while a sexy Dom in jeans and a t-shirt slapped his ass and balls and fingered him like it was all in a day’s work.

I clicked on that one.

There he was, all hard and captive and vulnerable. The suspension mechanism creaked as he was lifted into the air, ass on display, completely helpless.

The Dom rubbed the sub’s dick back and forth and said “You ready for some pain, boy?” The sub moaned and stuttered, “Yes, Sir,” and sure enough my dick thought that was a great answer.

I grab the glass of water I’d had the foresight to place on the bedside table and take a swig, eyes glued to the screen of my laptop as Dom-guy starts spanking Sub-guy’s ass. Sub-guy gasps and squirms. So hot. Then Dom-guy slaps Sub-guy’s balls, which are tied up with rope making them bulge and glisten in the dim light. It can’t be pleasant but the guy seems to get off on it. That part doesn’t turn me on so much, but it’s okay. I like the dominance factor.

This goes on for several moments, then Dom-guy gives Sub-guy’s balls a final whack and leaves him hanging there, walking over and around behind him. Sub-guy watches him grab a white medical glove from a box. Sub-guy moans, struggling with the anticipation of what might come next. Dom-guy acts like he’s already done this a million times that day and just wants to get it over with. He’s so blasé about everything and that just maks it all hotter.

Dom-guy walks back and goes to the table on the other side, putting on the glove and grabbing a bottle of lube. Dom-guy casually walks over, dribbling some lube onto his hand, and quickly inserts a finger into sub-guy’s ass while sub-guy whimpers in surprise and groans.

Dom-guy doesn’t react, just keeps moving his finger in and out of the guy like he’s a doctor checking for polyps, while sub-guy goes berserk with moans and gasps and sighs.

So. Fucking. Hot.

I slide my hand under the cotton of my briefs and stroke my dick, wondering what it would feel like to be tied up like that and have someone finger me with such nonchalance and efficiency. “Fuck,” I say to no-one in particular. I grab the tube of lube from beside me and squirt some into my hand, wrapping my fingers around my cock while I keep watching the video.

Dom-guy keeps poking his finger into sub-guy’s ass, changing position and obviously going for sub-guy’s prostate which he locates like the pro he is. Sub-guy moans, trembles and makes stuttering pleasure sounds while Dom-guy adds a second finger and revs things up even higher. Sub-guy goes crazy now, swinging in his bindings while Dom-guy fingers him without mercy. It goes on for awhile and my own cock throbs at the visuals and the sounds coming out of sub-guy.

Finally, Dom-guy stops and walks around in front of sub-guy again. He picks up a huge black dildo from the table. Sub-guy struggles and whimpers. He know what’s about to happen and so do I. It’s obvious that sub-guy is both terrified and incredibly aroused. And so am I. Well, not so terrified because it isn’t going into my ass. Definitely aroused. It’s going into sub-guy’s ass and I get to watch.

The camera angle changes so we can see sub-guy side-on while Dom-guy lubes the dildo and lines it up.

The noise sub-guy makes when the dildo is pushed deep into him makes me gasp and stroke my dick harder. It looks so good and Dom-guy is still pretending to just be going through the motions, like he doesn’t care whether sub-guy is getting off on it or not when he obviously does, because he’s sliding that dildo in and out so perfectly, listening to sub-guy’s moans and groans. Finally, Dom-guy pulls sub-guy’s dick from between his legs and rubs it while he pushes the dildo in and out aggressively and sub-guy goes berserk and finally comes with jerks all over Dom-guy’s hand, the metal rod creaking and protesting.

And I come too, my quiet grunts mingling with sub-guy’s screams and my whimpers dying down to small gasps as I finish.

Fuck me, I really needed that.

I leaned my head back against the headboard, waiting for the stars in my vision to clear while I loosely held the base of my spent dick and wondered if Jeremy was on his way back to the hotel yet.

After I had some time to clean up and settle into a chair to look at possible wedding locales on my laptop, my phone buzzed with his message: On my way. Close your porn and clean up 😉

For some reason I felt hugely relieved that he would be back any minute from his shoot and I’d be able to keep an eye on him again. I knew he wasn’t a child, in any sense of the word, but I felt protective and possessive of him. I knew that was all wrong somehow but I couldn’t fucking help it.

When I heard the key card in the door and it opened on a flushed and excited Jeremy who threw his bag in the corner and walked saucily over to me with a big smile on his face, I couldn’t help but match his emotion.

I moved the laptop onto the table and welcomed him as he climbed onto my lap and kissed me full on the lips. It was more than I’d anticipated and I laughed against his lips.

“I guess you had a good time?”

He nodded, pulling back. “Well, it was a lot of posing and changing and posing again – typical model stuff – but, yeah, I think it went really well. Felix is excited about the photos he got. His energy is infectious. But, then again, that’s pretty typical with artists.”

He kissed me again and then got off my lap. “But I’m fucking bushed. I need a nap.”

I nodded. “Okay. Then I’m taking you out for supper. Maybe a show? Depending how you feel?”

“That sounds awesome. God, I’m getting so spoiled. We better go to the gym tomorrow ‘cause y’know, this,” he gestured up and down his body, “is an investment that needs to be maintained. I can’t be putting on weight because I’m being wined and dined all over the fucking place.”

“Just go lie down. You look great. But, yeah, we’ll go to the gym tomorrow.”

I watched as Jeremy climbed up onto the bed where I’d masturbated an hour ago and flopped down on his stomach.

“G’night, Martin. If you open any porn turn the volume down, yeah?”

“I already did all that,” I confessed. “I’m very relaxed right now.”

He turned his head and opened his eyes to gaze at me. “Oh yeah? What did you watch?”


Jeremy hissed. “You are such a naughty boy.”

“Then maybe you should punish me. After your nap, of course.” I winked.

“Oh, so very naughty,” he mumbled, turning into the pillow. Soon his breathing deepened and he was fast asleep.

I watched him with a smile, listening to his little sighs and snores with an extreme amount of satisfaction. He was here, he was mine, and he was going to spank my ass again. Yeah, so I kind of decided I’d liked that after all.

Sue me.