WB Chapter Ten

We went for supper at a very cool pub called The Boot and Flogger. Something about the name of the place, and its location very near to the Southward Playhouse where I’d gotten us last minute tickets to Priscilla – Queen of the Desert, seemed meant to be.

The food was great, and the place looked right out of a story by Charles Dickens. We ate quickly and found our seats at the Southwark with hardly any time to lose.

The production was outstanding. I had seen the movie years back but forgotten everything except the basic plot, so it was like watching it for the first time again. Jeremy had never even seen the movie. He almost pissed himself a few times laughing at the antics of the outrageous characters and the pithy language.

We had a wonderful evening. Back at the hotel we collapsed and fell asleep.

Luckily, Jeremy’s second appointment with Kureck wasn’t until two in the afternoon so we slept late and woke to the gentle knocking of the housecleaning service at eleven.

“No thank you. Please come back later,” I called from my comfortable spot nestled against Jeremy’s warm body.

Jeremy, wakened by my voice, rolled over and snuggled into me. “Close call.”

“I’m sure they’ve encountered worse things than two good looking Canadian guys sharing a bed.”

Jeremy laughed, then yawned. “No doubt.” He rose up on his elbow, giving me a once-over and moving his eyebrows up and down. “You certainly are good looking.”

I smiled and blushed. “Well, not as good looking as you. If you could see yourself right now.” My eyes roamed over his young, athletic body, flushed cheeks and tousled hair.

“Same,” he whispered, running his fingers over my jaw where stubble had emerged overnight.

I winked and he kissed me softly.

“Thanks for taking me to the play last night. I loved it,” he said.

“You’re welcome. Anything for you, Jeremy.”

He raised his eyebrow. “Anything?”

I began to feel suspicious. “What do you have in mind?”

His mouth twisted, like he wanted to say something but wasn’t sure how I’d take it.


He laughed. “Well, there was some talk of punishment thrown around last night, when you were being very naughty.”

“Oh shit.”

“I see that you remember.”


Now, in the bright morning light, I wasn’t so sure I was ready for another spanking. Or particularly wanted one.

“But I rather think that your punishment should be whatever I decide it should be.”

“I know you want to spank me, Jeremy.” I could see it in his expression.

“Hmm, well joke’s on you, then.”


“Your punishment will be a very sore hand when you’re done with me.”

I gaped at him as my dick woke up to the idea of taking him over my knee. “I get to spank you?”

“Well, I don’t know. That doesn’t seem like much of a punishment now.”

I sat up. “Jeremy, delivering a good spanking is a very tricky business.” I stated matter-of-factly.


“Yes. It takes a lot of physical strength to spank a naughty boy’s ass so long and hard he can’t sit down the next day.”

“Jesus Christ, Martin. I think I love you.”

“And when he comes all over your lap and the bedsheets it gets very, very messy.”

Jeremy’s eyes widened and his mouth opened. “Fuck,” he panted, suddenly out of breath.

“Or,” I said, my devilish or Dom side or whatever making an appearance, “maybe I’ll just spank my naughty boy enough to get him good and horny and keep him thinking about me all day while he’s posing for another man.”

Jeremy’s mouth curled up in a wicked smile. “Oh, I like that idea even more.”

I stared at him and a small laugh bubbled out of my mouth. “Jeeze, you are a masochist.”

He tipped an imaginary hat to me. “At your service, my good Master.”

I smirked, then grabbed his wrist and gently pulled him over my lap. “Be a good boy, then.”

Jeremy puffed out a breath as he landed across my thighs. “What if people in the hall hear us?” he said as the reality of our situation sank in. “It’s the middle of the day.”

“Well,” I said thoughtfully, tracing my finger along the top edge of his white boxer briefs then softly pulling it lower to expose his plump bottom. “I can’t do anything about the sound of my hand slapping your ass, but you’d better be as quiet as you can.”

He gasped as I ran my hand over his pale skin, squeezing and cupping that gorgeous flesh as my dick swelled even more at the thought of this unexpected treat.

It was a testament to how angry he’d been about my behaviour on our flight that he’d reversed the dynamic and spanked ME our first morning in London. We both much preferred it this way.

I felt Jeremy’s erection rub against my thigh as he wiggled with anticipation on my lap, but I continued to stroke and squeeze him, letting his anxiety and excitement build until he became quite desperate.

“Martin,” he breathed, rutting against my leg. “What the fuck are you waiting for?”

I smiled, although he couldn’t see me. I really enjoyed having this control over him. “For the right moment to begin.”

“Anytime would be great.”

“Hey, shhhh. Take your punishment, brat.”

He huffed out a laugh and squirmed even more. “I would if you were giving it to me.”

“Oh, I’m giving it to you,” I said smugly, teasing my finger down over his taint and tapping his balls.

He moaned and a shiver went through him. “Oh.”

“You ready?”


I gave him a swat, then followed it up with a firmer slap. He sighed contentedly and lifted his ass up for more.

“Oh fuck yeah.”

“It’s been awhile.”


I started to spank him gently, just warming him up and enjoying how he wiggled and squirmed over my lap. I’m sure he felt my erection pressing against his hip and I could sure feel his poking me in the thigh every time he moved. I was always amazed how hard he got from this. How much he liked it. But then, I got off on it too.

“Harder. Please.” Whispering so nobody else would hear.

I obliged, increasing the force of my slaps but also lowering my voice. “Such a naughty boy. Needs a good spanking.”

Jeremy moaned quietly, pressing his forehead to the mattress and balling the top sheet in his fist.

My hand began to throb but I didn’t care. Jeremy’s ass glowed a lovely pink colour now, and his panting breaths came quickly.

“Stop, stop,” he said suddenly, becoming quite still on my lap but for an involuntary tremor or two. “If you don’t want me to come.”

I took my hand off him, not wanting to push him over the edge even though it would be amazing to give him one more hard slap and watch him unravel and explode. It had happened before.

“Easy,” I murmured, trying to stay still as he struggled for control. He tried valiantly not to touch my leg with his ready to explode cock as he groaned with the amount of control it took. I was impressed when he brought himself back from the edge and relaxed over my lap again. “Such a good boy.”

“Stop talking. Just stop. Anything you say or do right now is going to fucking make me come. Just…stop.”

I wanted to laugh at his desperation, at his struggle to avoid an orgasm, when I really wouldn’t mind one bit if he soaked the sheets from the feel of my hand on him or the words I said. But I didn’t. I stayed as still and as quiet as I could until he recovered himself.

“I’m going to get off your lap now, Martin,” he said with a shaky, husky voice. “And I’m going to go take a cold shower.”

I started to say something as he lifted himself carefully off of me but he pinned me with an intense stare.

“Don’t say anything or on my fucking word I’ll take my cock in hand and jerk all over your smug face. But when I get home tonight, after we have something to eat, you’re going to do that again and I’m not fucking holding anything back.”

My cock jerked in answer to the look in his eyes and I nodded mutely.

Holy fucking hell. This man owned me.

I watched him walk to the bathroom and close the door behind him, then let myself collapse to my back on the bed, wanting nothing more than to get myself off now.

But I wouldn’t. I could be good too.


By the time we calmed down and ordered up some sandwiches for a quick lunch, Jeremy began to look forward to his second shoot with Felix.

“He wants to try some other things today. Last time we went for some fairly traditional shots but he’s got some cool ideas for today.”

“Uh huh,” I said, consciously pushing down my jealous suspicion. I knew where my paranoia came from but I was determined not to let it ruin this for Jeremy.

A simmering sexual tension hung in the air from morning escapade, and every once in a while a memory of how Jeremy had felt across my lap made my cock perk up. But I tamped it down and Jeremy went about getting ready for his shoot. When Felix texted that he was at the hotel, Jeremy gave me a quick kiss and left.

I knew I didn’t feel like staying put in the hotel room on such a beautiful day, so I went through some of the brochures in the hotel lobby and ended up taking a cab to St. James’ park. It felt strange to be a lone tourist without my trusty sidekick, but I determined to make the best of it.

As I tramped the tidy dirt paths of the spacious park, enjoying the views, the greenery and the other visitors, I reflected on my relationship with Jeremy and where it had brought me. The truth is I would never have come to England if I hadn’t fallen in love with him. I was happy doing local photo spreads and simply excited to be taken seriously as a nature photographer. I hadn’t thought of doing an article here for Outside Magazine until I’d needed an excuse to accompany Jeremy.

I’d thought to bring my camera with me and took lots of good shots of the park and the pelicans and some of the people. Although I’d have preferred to be with Jeremy, I enjoyed the lack of distraction from fully immersing myself in my art. It helped me forget that Jeremy was posing in some other photographer’s studio.

I got back to the hotel at five thirty and decided to shower off the sweat and dust from the afternoon.

When I came out of the bathroom I was surprised to see Jeremy sitting on the small couch doing something on his computer. I hadn’t heard him come in.

“Hey, you’re back!”

“Just got here.” His voice sounded clipped and stressed.

“What’s wrong?”

He looked up, as if surprised I’d noticed anything and gave me a reassuring smile. “Nothing, just tired. I should probably take a nap.”

“Did Felix bring you back?”

Jeremy nodded, not saying anything.

“It’s almost six now but we can go for a later supper if you need to lie down.”

He nodded again.

I felt something in my gut cramp up. “Everything go okay today?”

He nodded again, but looked up and flashed me a smile. “Yep. I’m just updating my blog and then I’m gonna go lie down.”

“Okay,” I said, trying to ignore my sense that something was off.

He slept for two hours so maybe he was simply exhausted. Two intense modelling sessions in as many days was a lot for someone who struggled with MS fatigue.

I’d made reservations at Nightingales, the hotel restaurant, but Jeremy didn’t seem to want to get dressed.

“Let’s just order room service,” he said, in his t-shirt and boxer briefs, and who the fuck was I to argue?

I called down to cancel our reservation and place a room service order for two of the salmon entrées with rice and vegetables.

When it arrived we sat side by side on the bed with the TV on low and ate in a companionable silence. Jeremy seemed quieter than usual, but maybe he was still tired.

“So, are you all done then? With the photo shoot?”

He seemed to come out of a trance, looked over at me and shook his head. “He wants me to come back on Friday.”

“Oh.” I’d hoped they’d be finished by now. But it wasn’t entirely unexpected. Kureck had said it could take a few shoots to get exactly what he needed. And it meant more money for Jeremy.

“He’s a bit of a perfectionist,” Jeremy said.

“Yeah? That’s true of many photographers, I guess. Plus, he’s got a reputation to live up to.”


“You don’t seem as excited as you were before. Everything go okay today?”

He nodded. “Yeah. Fine. Maybe it’s a bit of the letdown, now it’s almost done. He hasn’t let me look at any of the photos either. So I have no idea what they look like.”

“I’m sure they look amazing, Jeremy. I’m sure you look amazing.”

He smiled finally and winked at me. “I prefer when you take my picture to be honest.”

My heart swelled in my chest and the pleasure must have shown on my face.

He nodded. “I do. You are sweet and you show me the pictures. It’s like we’re a team. I thought that’s what it would be like with Kureck.”

I noticed he used the photographer’s last name.

“It’s not?”

“Nah. He just tells me what to do, how to pose, that kind of thing. He’s kind of temperamental too. Gets pissed off frequently, and I don’t know if it’s something I’m doing or not doing…” His eyes glazed over like he was somewhere else. Then he shook his head. “I don’t know.”

“You don’t have to go back you know. If you’re not having fun.” I kind of hoped he’d decide not to.

“I don’t know why I’m complaining,” he said. “It’s not like being a model is a rigorous job. Tiring, sure, and you have to do what you’re told, and do it cheerfully, but…” he laughed softly. “It’s not like I’m working in the mines.”

I reached out and brushed the hair back from his forehead. “Anyway, you have two days to rest. Then Friday. But if he asks you back after that you’ll have to say no. You have a wedding to go to this weekend.”

His eyebrows shot up. “Jesus, I’d completely forgotten about that!”

I made my expression into one of extreme horror and clutched my chest, then fell back onto the pillows moaning, “My poor bruised heart!”

That got a reaction.

Jeremy put his plate and mine to the side, then crawled overtop of me, taking my hand in his and kissing me on the lips. “Only because I’ve been so busy. I forgot I was going to be the luckiest man in London. Maybe the world.”

I arched my eyebrow. “Maybe the world?”

“Okay, okay. Yeah, the luckiest man in the world.”

“No you aren’t. Because I am.”

He blushed and kissed me again, so tenderly, so lovingly, his hand on my neck sending shivers down to my groin.

“How’s your ass?” I asked him. “Hope I didn’t leave any marks to ruin your session today?”

He smiled against my lips. “Nope. Or at least, Kureck didn’t mention anything. And I had my pants on. I’m not posing nude or anything, dummy.”

“Glad to hear it.”

“He hasn’t asked me to pose naked. Yet, anyway.” Jeremy said, something serious in his tone.

I tensed, pulling away from him slightly. “Do you think he will?”

Jeremy stared into my eyes, as if contemplating whether he should tell the truth or lie. “I’m a little worried he’ll ask me to on Friday.”

So that’s what was bothering him. No wonder.

I sat up, pushing Jeremy gently off me. “What makes you think that?” Alarm bells went off in my head but I had to reign in my protective instinct. Jeremy was a grown man who could stand up for himself.

Jeremy shrugged. “I don’t know.”

I stared at him, willing him to open up and be honest. “Yes, you do.”

“The way he looks at me, it’s like he wants nothing more than to strip the clothes right off me and…”

Rage flared within me at that response. I kept it inside, though, and waited for Jeremy to finish. But he didn’t. He let his sentence trail off.

My voice sounded strangled when I spoke. “And what? What do you think he wants to do, Jeremy?”

“Martin, calm the fuck down.”

“I’m fine,” I said, getting off the bed and pacing the floor. I went back and forth between the bed and the window for three turns and then leaned over the bed with my hands on the mattress and stared right at Jeremy. “What do you think he wants to do, Jeremy?”

“Take my fucking picture, Martin, what do you think? But I think he wants me naked. Maybe.”

Jesus Christ.

Now Jeremy seemed mad. “What’s the big deal, Martin? Fuck, I knew you’d react this way.”

Me? He was the one who was all quiet and reserved when he got home, obviously worried about something. My reaction, maybe? Or the thought of posing for Kureck in the buff. Maybe that didn’t bother him at all.

I pushed off the bed and faced the window, folding my arms across my chest. “Would you?”

“Would I…what?”

“Would you agree to pose nude for him?” I tried to quell the anxiety that rose within my chest and forced myself to turn and face him. “If I wasn’t here. If you were doing this all on your own, without my influence. Would you agree to do it?”

He stared at me, obviously conflicted. His hands came up to rub at his face and over the back of his head. “I don’t know.”

“Do you want to?”

“What if I said yes?”

I swallowed. “It’s your decision. It’s your body, Jeremy.”

This time he let his head fall back onto the pillows. “There’s nothing wrong with the naked male body, Martin.”

I laughed. “Believe me, I know.”

“Har har. I just… I don’t know how it would affect my career, y’know. I don’t know if I want to go there.”

“Let me ask something else,” I said, forcing my brain and my mouth to act separately from the jealous emotion that was threatening to erupt from deep inside me. “If he asks you to pose nude on Friday, will you be comfortable telling him no? If you decide you don’t want to do it?”

The way he looked at me, with a lack of confidence and conviction, told me everything.

“I don’t know what he’d do if I said no, honestly.”