White Balance


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When Jeremy Trask walked into Martin Lewis’ photography studio neither man was prepared for the instant attraction that swept them up and refused to be denied. Three years later Jeremy has fulfilled his dream of becoming a working male model while Martin has embarked on a more fulfilling photography career in nature journalism. Now a world famous photographer has requested Jeremy pose for him in London. Martin accompanies Jeremy, ostensibly to do a photo spread on the New Forest for Outside magazine, but really because he can’t bear to be apart from the man he loves. When things in London don’t turn out as expected, can Martin and Jeremy navigate the hurt feelings and jealousy that suddenly threaten their relationship?

MM, Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Light Kink, 18+


Somerville 4


Welcome to the town of Somerville, Nova Scotia!

Like any small town, Somerville is filled with people of all kinds and people with all kinds of attitudes. Marco and Sam have purchased a run down beach property that holds good memories for them both, since Sam has a new job as a high school gym teacher at Somerville Secondary School. Renting a nearby home, they make plans with the local construction firm to do a full tear-down/rebuild so they can have the beach house of their dreams. Unbeknownst to them, Darrin Peters, an old acquaintance who also has fond memories of the abandoned beach house, has inherited the local construction company from his father and when brought in to organize and complete work on the new beach home, old attractions and rivalries come into play.

And what is up with Vincent Doherty? Vincent has spent years being ridiculed by his sister, Shirley, and supporting his distant wife, Kaitlyn. He won’t be able to take much more of it, especially since finding himself obsessed with two newcomers to his quiet little town. 

The Beach House was the first story I wrote for the Goodreads MM Group’s popular Don’t Read in the Closet event and remains one of my favourite pieces to date. It garnered much praise from the gay men I know in real life which made me very proud. Somerville is a continuation of the story of Sam, Marco and Darrin.

Contemporary Fiction

Projected: Fall of 2018


Diamond Dogs



Gemini (Gemma) Faro is fairly content with her “life”.

An ancient vampire living in Old Ottawa South with her two human “companions”, Theo Matowsky and Justice Ripley, Gemma owns the nightclub/BDSM parlour Diamond Dogs and is a respected elder of the vampire stronghold in Canada’s Capital. Out to prove that humans don’t need to be kept as slaves to satisfy their vampire masters/mistresses, Gemma’s boys remain by her side voluntarily, captivated by her uniqueness, intelligence, and willingness to satiate every desire.

But when Kristofer Vallespi, a vampire even older than Gemini, comes to Ottawa in search of something that has eluded him for centuries, Theo and Justice wonder if they really can be satisfied by Gemma alone. Or will Kristofer give them something that Gemma can’t, or won’t, offer?


Loyalties are tested, love declared and battles fought. But these battles are different. As Gemma and Kristofer argue over what they can offer the human boys they both want, something like a truce may be on the horizon.


Projected: End of 2019


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