The Little Drummer Boy (FREE)


I’m bringing back my very kinky Christmas short from last years Rainbow Advent Calendar event, this time downloadable in three formats and again, absolutely FREE.


Tate Mackenzie has big plans this Christmas – the first since he, James and Sebastian officially began sharing a residence. But James’ job is crazy, Sebastian is studying for his first set of exams and Tate is feeling neglected. How can he get his boyfriends to pay attention and help him make this Christmas a holiday to remember?

“I always love Tate’s inner monologue and how Elizabeth Lister takes us through everything and processes his thoughts. There is such closeness and love that James shows both Tate and Sebastian, and it’s always nice to see it during discipline and play and just their day-to-day lives.

Merry Christmas ” ~ Goodreads, 2017

Download in any of three ebook formats at Prolific Works.

or in PDF format here: DrummerBoy (.pdf)