Pup Role Play

Photo by Michael Radovich

If you’ve been following my blog or have read either Beyond the Edge or The Cross and The Trinity, you will know that I’m quite a fan of puppy role play, especially in the gay male community.

I first encountered this phenomena when I attended the Capital Pride Parade here in Ottawa in 2011. I’ve described this experience in detail on my blog in this early post:

Diversity and Why It Scares Us

A few days after I wrote the above post, my husband called me from work and told me he had discovered the identity of the Pride Pup – his co-worker Karl (Pup Rolph)! Of all the crazy coincidences, this was the best!

My husband got Karl’s email for me and I messaged him to ask if I could interview him for the blog. He was very accommodating and I posted the following interview in 2011:

My Life as a Dog – Part I and My Life as a Dog – Part II

This gave me alot of insight into the practice. I met some other pups through Karl, and I asked them about the lifestyle as well, which led me to discover that the activity can vary between individuals. It seems that for some it is a relatively non-sexual activity, more focused on submission to a loving caretaker, whereas for others (as I’ve conveyed in my novels) it can be incorporated into sexual activity or even a sexual identity.

Photo by Mark Flowers

I began to attend some pup events in town, and watched as Scout Zeb won the first ever Ottawa Pup contest. I later interviewed him here:

Interview with Scout Zeb

Earlier this year, I decided to post about my obsession with an activity that seems to be gaining popularity among kinky young gay men. The following explains my interest in the practice and why I enjoy befriending these amazing men:

The Leather/Rubber Pup Phenomenon

In short, from my first encounter with Pup Rolph at Capital Pride in 2011 to my present day involvement with pups on Facebook and in the Ottawa Leather/Rubber Kink Community, I have been utterly fascinated and charmed by this form of self/sexual expression. My BDSM series of novels, The James Lucas Trilogy (Beyond the Edge, The Cross and the Trinity, A Numinous Light), involve a character who feels drawn to the human pup play lifestyle and enjoys both its sexual and non-sexual aspects.



Jyan Craig, who runs a website out of Australia called Sirius Pup, is a respected voice in the pup play global community. His comprehensive website contains an extensive collection of informational videos and essays pertaining to this topic. He was kind enough to put a link to my books and blog in the affiliate links section of his site. On it, you will find the following quote, which sums up my opinion on the subject:


Leather pup play seems to me an expression of the authentic self and a way to integrate the curiosity and innocence of childhood with the sexual maturity of adulthood. The leather pups I have met are kind, loving and intelligent young men who find in this manner a way to fulfil a deep longing for self-identity and connection.

~ Liz Lister, 2013

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