Is It March Already?

Whew, is it really March??? Winter flew by incredibly fast this year! We just celebrated my son’s 11th birthday and spring weather is upon us a little early. I know that the snow and cold will make a reappearance before this month is over but I’m really enjoying it right now. I only have one work week left (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday) before getting 11 days … Continue reading Is It March Already?

Sorrow – Friday Flash Fic., Feb. 23

We’d walked three miles to get there, so by the time we reached the sand and the water I was completely exhausted. I collapsed to the sand and stared out at the waves and the clouds. But Noah just stood there, looking out at the grey water, watching the water lap at the shore, his chest rising and falling, eyes shining with moisture. He blinked … Continue reading Sorrow – Friday Flash Fic., Feb. 23

Cover Reveal – Confessions, Robbie, by Ella Frank

This fall I read the Temptations series by Ella Frank and really fell in love with her characters and writing style. I agreed to be part of a cover reveal blitz for her next book which is the beginning of a brand new series called Confessions. The first book, Robbie, featuring a minor character from the Temptations series is set to be released soon and … Continue reading Cover Reveal – Confessions, Robbie, by Ella Frank

Craving – Friday Flash Fic., Feb. 15th

I was on the treadmill at the gym when I got an idea for this flash fiction prompt. I realized that these guys could easily be two characters from my Vampire erotica WIP, Diamond Dogs. Theo Matowski is a devoted lover to my protagonist, Gemini (a bisexual, androgynous female vampire who keeps Theo and his male lover, Justice, as human pets/companions). However, when an older … Continue reading Craving – Friday Flash Fic., Feb. 15th

Delilah – Monday Flash Fic., Feb. 12

This wasn’t the way it was supposed to happen, Paul thought, staring at the tiny infant beside him in the double bed he shared with Aiden. They’d discussed the idea of children. Although there wasn’t anything lacking in their relationship they’d at least visited the idea of adding a child to it. And then summarily rejected the thought. They liked their freedom, their financially stable … Continue reading Delilah – Monday Flash Fic., Feb. 12