Loving Tumblr!

Tumblr is so much fun! Here is a selection of some of my recent reblogs. My subjects range from sweet and romantic to graphic images of gay men, to beautiful nature photography, to gorgeous interior designs. You can follow me at Elizabeth Lister on Tumblr.

Excerpt #1 from Return to the Beach House

  Darrin Peters stared at the memo in front of him. Written there on the Peters & Mayhew Construction letterhead, in his office manager’s distinctly neat writing was the following simple phrase: Please call Marco Zanetti at 1-902-749-4201 regarding renovations to the old house at Plover Point. Marco Zanetti. Darrin hadn’t encountered that name in…


I wasn’t sure if this was still online, but four years ago I was interviewed by “SassyCat” for her Podcast. Googled it yesterday and found it. Doing this was so much fun and any chance to talk about my writing to an interested audience is a bonus! Elizabeth Lister – A Modern Erotic Author Enjoy!


Many things are changing for me this year. My previous Facebook account was a combination of my author persona and my personal friends/family life which simply wasn’t working anymore so I took a lengthy break and ended up deleting it. I now have a separate Facebook account for friends and family which I am deliberately…

New Tumblr Account

I’m currently taking an extended break from Facebook. Nothing in particular happened but it was becoming just too involved and sucking the life out of me. My head is much quieter and calmer without all the DRAMA. I’ve decided to give Tumblr a try as my primary posting platform. It seems to fit well with…

Now Available!

Book One in The Loft series now available for only $3.99! Read the First Chapter here! Buy now!

True Romance

As I sit here in my quiet living room reflecting on the past several days and fighting a bad cold, I am struggling with a way to encapsulate my incredible experience at Romancing The Capital 2016, a romance readers/writers conference organized by writer Eve Langlais. Never have I felt more like a rock star. People…

Cover Reveal: The Loft – Book One

So here it is!  This is the cover for Book One and I’m planning on the cover image remaining the same throughout the series, depending on what my publisher thinks.  Anyway, I really  like it. Mm hmm. Yep. This will do 🙂

RTC 2016!

Romancing the Capital 2016, a conference for romance writers and their fans here in Ottawa, is fast approaching! Although registration is sold out, you can still come to the public book selling/signing event on Saturday, May 8th to meet all your favourite authors: RTC 2016 I will be part of a discussion panel on LGBTQ…

Inspiration, January 31st

“Cowboys are frequently, secretly fond of each other” ~ From an original song by Ned Sublette, covered by Willie Nelson

Inspiration, January 30th

My uncles, who are farmers in Minooka, Illinois – I grew up with them and their pickup trucks and mustaches, and to me that was masculinity: big hairy sweaty guys who could pick up a bus. ~ Nick Offerman

Inspiration, January 29th

We sat close together on his sofa and watched a rerun of Hell’s Kitchen; I was so hot for Chef Ramsay, it wasn’t funny. I wanted him to kiss me with that fuck hot dirty mouth of his and tell me what to do. I told Michael all of this. He cracked up. All of…