Now I Lay Down




A beautiful creature pulls Troy McAllister back from a suicide jump off his apartment balcony one hot summer night.

Troy has lost everything – his job, his boyfriend, his family. He doesn’t have the money to pay his rent so he’ll soon lose his apartment too. What does he have to live for?

Shiloh is a Guardian who finds himself called to rescue Troy from himself. He doesn’t know why he was sent on this mission, he only knows that as soon as he gazes into Troy’s lost eyes he finds the one thing that has always eluded him.

Can a Guardian and a human fall in love? And if so, what does it mean that Shiloh’s feather’s start to thin and his ethereal beauty begins to whither with each passing night?

The more he and Troy become emotionally invested, the more it becomes apparent that this love can’t last, at least not in its current form.

A story about transformation and sacrifice, finding the path to fulfillment and learning to live each day to its fullest.