Exposure and White Balance

Follow the contemporary story of Martin Lewis and Jeremy Trask, who first meet in the novella Exposure (June 2011) when Jeremy hires Martin, on a dare, to create a modelling portfolio for him. When sparks fly in Martin’s photo studio, neither man can resist the sudden and irrefutable chemistry that pulls them together.

Then read the just released novel (January 2020) White Balance, which follows up with Jeremy and Martin five years later. Now an established couple, they travel to London, England, where Jeremy poses for world famous photographer, Felix Kureck, and feelings of possessiveness and jealousy torment Martin, even as he and Jeremy explore one of the world’s most vibrant cities and enjoy plenty of intimate moments in their luxury hotel suite.

Contemporary/Gay/Erotic/Disability/Soft Kink

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Exposure is the excellent debut from author Elizabeth Lister, a sensual and thoroughly seductive novella narrated by Martin Lewis, a thirty-two year old photographer who has a one o’clock appointment with destiny.

Top2Bottom Reviews, 2011

It takes a delicate hand to create a character that is not only vibrant, interesting and sexy but chronically ill and coping with that disease as well. Meet Jeremy, one of the main characters in Elizabeth Lister’s stunning novel, Exposure.

Goodreads, 2012

This book is going on my rarely used Pure Romance Shelf, reserved for books that sweep you away with the love and don’t have any unnecessary relationship angst to mar the tale. It is also going on my Absolute Favorites Shelf. Yeah, I recommend this one! Read it for a dreamy high of passion, romance and hot sex. You won’t be disappointed.

Goodreads, 2015