Now I Lay Down

Coming in 2019! Blurb:  A beautiful creature pulls Troy McAllister back from a suicide jump off his apartment balcony one hot summer night. Troy has lost everything – his job, his boyfriend, his family. He doesn’t have the money to pay his rent so he’ll soon lose his apartment too. What does he have to live for? Shiloh is a Guardian who finds himself called … Continue reading Now I Lay Down

Craving – Friday Flash Fic., Feb. 15th

I was on the treadmill at the gym when I got an idea for this flash fiction prompt. I realized that these guys could easily be two characters from my Vampire erotica WIP, Diamond Dogs. Theo Matowski is a devoted lover to my protagonist, Gemini (a bisexual, androgynous female vampire who keeps Theo and his male lover, Justice, as human pets/companions). However, when an older … Continue reading Craving – Friday Flash Fic., Feb. 15th

Teaser – Diamond Dogs

Myth #3 Vampires are selfish, solitary creatures. When Justice walked through the doors of Gemini’s home on the evening before his 24th birthday, after a quick visit to the gym, he was prepared for something. “Hey,” he called out to let them know he was back. There was no reply. He toed off his boots and hung up his leather jacket, wandering inside, looking for … Continue reading Teaser – Diamond Dogs

Somerville – Excerpt

  Darrin Peters stared at the memo in front of him. Written there on the Peters & Mayhew Construction letterhead, in his office manager’s distinctly neat writing was the following simple phrase: Please call Marco Zanetti at 1-902-749-4201 regarding renovations to the old house at Plover Point. Marco Zanetti. Darrin hadn’t encountered that name in a very long time. For a second he wondered if … Continue reading Somerville – Excerpt

Teaser, White Balance, Ch. 7

Jeremy stood just inside the door, staring at me. “Martin.” I didn’t answer him. I pretended I hadn’t heard him. “Martin,” he said louder. I glanced up. “What?” “What is your fucking problem all of a sudden?” He sounded angry and frustrated and I really couldn’t blame him. But all the careful restraint I’d imposed on myself for the past couple of hours disintegrated. “My … Continue reading Teaser, White Balance, Ch. 7

White Balance – Chapter Four

PROLOGUE CHAPTER ONE CHAPTER TWO CHAPTER THREE When I woke up the next morning I wondered where I was, until I realized I was in a hotel room. And there seemed to be someone knocking at the door. “Housekeeping!” A woman’s voice with a decidedly British accent called from the hallway. “Just a second,” I said loudly, before climbing out from beneath the covers and … Continue reading White Balance – Chapter Four