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A Numinous Light

(Book III in The James Lucas Trilogy)

“A lovely (and hot!) conclusion to this series. I admit, I adore these characters too much to be entirely objective, but I continue to be enamored with the healthy portrayal of BDSM and an open-ish relationship that is refreshingly drama-free. It was deeply gratifying to spend more time in their world.”

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Tentative Release Month!


My editor and I are going to work towards a release date in March for Book III in the James Lucas Trilogy!!! I am so excited. I only have about 1/3 of it left to write and will submit the First Draft by the end of October.

Not sure if the title will remain though. I’m considering other titles but I might stick with the one I originally planned. We’ll see…

Hello Tate.

I have attached a document containing a list of tasks for you to complete before you meet me Friday evening. I’m sure you understand the importance of following my instructions to the letter. I want this weekend to go well and so do you. I also need to inform you that I have another student who will be joining us. He’s twenty-four, attractive, clean, eager, and relatively inexperienced with this type of scenario. I would like you to be at my home by 6:00pm this Friday. Ring the bell. Once I open that door and you enter, you will be under my complete control. If this is not satisfactory, you are free to decline this invitation. I sincerely hope that you do not.


James Lucas

From Beyond the Edge by Elizabeth Lister.

Not the typical dungeon…

…that you would expect—dark and dimly lit and filled with frightening implements. The airy space gave forth a different vibe. The two uncovered windows looked out from the second floor room onto open fields at the back. Natural light shone in through a skylight in the middle of the ceiling, illuminating everything.

Beyond the Edge, Chapter One

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