Many things are changing for me this year.

My previous Facebook account was a combination of my author persona and my personal friends/family life which simply wasn’t working anymore so I took a lengthy break and ended up deleting it. I now have a separate Facebook account for friends and family which I am deliberately keeping very small and use mostly for the purpose of keeping up with out-of-town folks.

I have created a new Elizabeth Lister Facebook account specifically for my promos and author related activity. It can be found here.

I also started a Tumblr account that I’m having so much fun with that can be found here.

You can still find me on Twitter here.

And, of course, this website is the best place to find out about my work and keep up to date with current projects.

Now that the Christmas season is over and my family seems in large part recovered from the various plagues and viruses that have been assailing us for the past four weeks, I am very excited about my work-in-progress, Return to the Beach House. I wasn’t sure at first whether it would be a short story, novella or full length novel, but it has evolved on its own into the latter.

The beautiful thing is that I seem able to combine several things that I’ve wanted to do for a long time into this one large and ambitious project.


These would be, one, setting a story in a small Maritime town on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. My family used to spend a few weeks every second summer in Liverpool, which was a favourite and memorable place for me. A place that I have not been able to spend much time recently and would love to revisit in my imagination. The small town in the novel will be the fictional town of Somerville, but will be based on my memories of Liverpool, N.S.

Two, taking an idea from a project I was unable to complete during my Scriptwriting course at Algonquin College, an idea that was one of three selected in the class to pitch to the executives of the CBC during a field trip to Toronto and the Film Training Centre. Although I never completed the project, the story idea was well received and I’ve always believed it had great potential. Even at the young age of 26 I had an interest in writing about gay men, and the central characters of this story were an established gay couple. But their homosexuality was only a sidebar to the main story.

Three, writing a contemporary novel not particularly aimed at a MM Romance readership. I have been writing specifically for MLR Press for five years now, and although it has been immensely rewarding and educational, I feel like I am ready to step outside of the strict codes and guidelines of the romance and specifically, MM romance, rules and guidelines.

This, of course, means finding another publisher who has no problem combining gay romance with heterosexual or bisexual characters, and storylines that include realistic occurrences such as a character straying outside of an established relationship. I want to write about real life as much as possible with its diverse representation of humanity and its full range of behaviours whether ideal or flawed, and I’m finding that the confines of the MM romance world don’t allow that.

So 2017 will be the year for breaking out of a specific genre and writing the book I want to write, featuring characters that call to me in their flawed and miraculous existence. Although not specifically a romance or erotic romance, rest assured that it will still feature much of my previous style since I have always written from the heart and enjoy detailing the amorous encounters of my characters. However, I hope that this story will be richer in detail, description and plot than anything I have written previously.

~ Liz



The James Lucas Trilogy by Elizabeth Lister

Next Stop, IML!

For my books at least.


Thanks to my very kind representative in the States, Alexi Indy Wulfe, I will have a presence at International Mister Leather again this year!  The Leather Archives and Museum is offering authors a two hour time slot to sell books, for free!

The Leather Archives booth will be on the 3rd Floor in its own room this year: Map of Venue

So look for my rep at the Leather Archives and Museum booth on the 3rd floor at the IML venue between 5 and 7pm on Friday, May 22nd.  Books will be selling for $15 (American) each, or you can purchase the entire trilogy for $40.


This has to be one of my favourite BDSM themed series – the writing is excellent, the action is hot and the sexual tension is perfect. Best of all, these are just ordinary guys trying to sort out their love life.

~ MM Good Book Reviews

Book Launch – A Numinous Light!

There will be a book launch for my latest novel, A Numinous Light (Book III in the James Lucas Trilogy), on Sunday, May 3rd, 11:00am, at The Royal Oak at Kent and Slater in Ottawa. Mr. Leather Ottawa 2015, Keven Allen, was nice enough to let me have it as part of the monthly Leather Brunch.


Please join me for brunch and purchase a signed copy of my latest book for $20!  I hope to speak briefly about my writing journey and what brought me into the world of kinky gay BDSM in the first place.

~ Liz

Now Available in E-book and Print!

A Numinous Light

(Book III in The James Lucas Trilogy)

“A lovely (and hot!) conclusion to this series. I admit, I adore these characters too much to be entirely objective, but I continue to be enamored with the healthy portrayal of BDSM and an open-ish relationship that is refreshingly drama-free. It was deeply gratifying to spend more time in their world.”

NuminousLight_432Buy now at MLR Press, ARE, Amazon, Barnes and Noble.

Tentative Release Month!


My editor and I are going to work towards a release date in March for Book III in the James Lucas Trilogy!!! I am so excited. I only have about 1/3 of it left to write and will submit the First Draft by the end of October.

Not sure if the title will remain though. I’m considering other titles but I might stick with the one I originally planned. We’ll see…

Hello Tate.

I have attached a document containing a list of tasks for you to complete before you meet me Friday evening. I’m sure you understand the importance of following my instructions to the letter. I want this weekend to go well and so do you. I also need to inform you that I have another student who will be joining us. He’s twenty-four, attractive, clean, eager, and relatively inexperienced with this type of scenario. I would like you to be at my home by 6:00pm this Friday. Ring the bell. Once I open that door and you enter, you will be under my complete control. If this is not satisfactory, you are free to decline this invitation. I sincerely hope that you do not.


James Lucas

From Beyond the Edge by Elizabeth Lister.