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Excerpt from The Loft – Book Two

April 20, 2017

*This scene takes place before a highly anticipated fetish party at La Petite Mort, a private club in Gatineau, Quebec. Nori pulled his phone from his pocket. “I have an idea for something. I ran it past Catherine and she liked it. Please tell me what you think?” He approached the three of us and… Read More ›

Skate Lace

When we got home we went upstairs to change out of our skating gear. My jeans were still wet from a fall and I imagine James’ clothes were also damp. As I was arranging my stuff on the back of a chair to dry James called down the hall. “There’s lots of room in the… Read More ›

Why Gay Erotica?

The one question I’m asked over and over again is “How did you get into writing gay erotic romance?” I always try to think of a short answer, because most of the time the questioner doesn’t have an hour for me to explain. So, I thought I’d do it in a blog post. Because it… Read More ›

Goodreads Review – Exposure

Review of second read on Feb. 24, 2015. Wow, I am SO GLAD I decided to re-read this one! I had forgotten the entire premise and just how much I loved it. (One advantage of getting old, I guess.) Purchase Link MC Martin and MC Jeremy meet on a cold October day when Jeremy comes… Read More ›


Just some recent Michael Stokes images to get you through Hump Day 😉

Sunday Shorts – “The Loft,” by Elizabeth Lister

Source: Sunday Shorts – “The Loft,” by Elizabeth Lister

Loving Tumblr!

Tumblr is so much fun! Here is a selection of some of my recent reblogs. My subjects range from sweet and romantic to graphic images of gay men, to beautiful nature photography, to gorgeous interior designs. You can follow me at Elizabeth Lister on Tumblr.

Excerpt #1 from Return to the Beach House

  Darrin Peters stared at the memo in front of him. Written there on the Peters & Mayhew Construction letterhead, in his office manager’s distinctly neat writing was the following simple phrase: Please call Marco Zanetti at 1-902-749-4201 regarding renovations to the old house at Plover Point. Marco Zanetti. Darrin hadn’t encountered that name in… Read More ›


Many things are changing for me this year. My previous Facebook account was a combination of my author persona and my personal friends/family life which simply wasn’t working anymore so I took a lengthy break and ended up deleting it. I now have a separate Facebook account for friends and family which I am deliberately… Read More ›

New Tumblr Account

I’m currently taking an extended break from Facebook. Nothing in particular happened but it was becoming just too involved and sucking the life out of me. My head is much quieter and calmer without all the DRAMA. I’ve decided to give Tumblr a try as my primary posting platform. It seems to fit well with… Read More ›