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Thomas Synnamon’s Leather and Lace

June 1, 2017

Several years ago I stumbled upon the photography of Mr. Thomas Synnamon. I say stumbled upon but really it was an honest head-over-heels flip out when I saw this initial image from his Leather and Lace 2011 calendar: Now, I happen to have a thing for androgyny. I also have a thing for men’s forearms…. Read More ›

The Alternative

There’s a brand new adult store in town and it’s in my neighbourhood! The Alternative Adult Store, at 2407 Kaladar Avenue, is a fantastic space with a variety of stimulating items on display. Of course my favourite spot was an Alice in Wonderland themed back room full of BDSM delights like cock cages and anal… Read More ›

New Layout

I’ve seen some really stunning author websites recently so I decided mine needed a bit of an overhaul. The previous layout was very cluttered with a ton of menu items. I found another free WordPress theme that looked much cleaner and changed my menu to a more streamlined format. Had my cute IT guy working… Read More ›

Why Gay Erotica?

The one question I’m asked over and over again is “How did you get into writing gay erotic romance?” I always try to think of a short answer, because most of the time the questioner doesn’t have an hour for me to explain. So, I thought I’d do it in a blog post. Because it… Read More ›

CanQueer/Velvet Studio Interview!

On Saturday I was invited to sit down with Luke Smith, Sebastien Plante and Mike Tattersall to discuss the ins and outs (pun intended) of being a woman who writes gay erotica. The resulting discussion proved fascinating and allowed me to expand on what inspired me to branch out into this scintillating arena: CanQueer Episode… Read More ›


I wasn’t sure if this was still online, but four years ago I was interviewed by “SassyCat” for her Podcast. Googled it yesterday and found it. Doing this was so much fun and any chance to talk about my writing to an interested audience is a bonus! Elizabeth Lister – A Modern Erotic Author Enjoy!