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Thomas Synnamon’s Leather and Lace

June 1, 2017

Several years ago I stumbled upon the photography of Mr. Thomas Synnamon. I say stumbled upon but really it was an honest head-over-heels flip out when I saw this initial image from his Leather and Lace 2011 calendar: Now, I happen to have a thing for androgyny. I also have a thing for men’s forearms…. Read More ›

Priscilla – Anything but a Drag!

My husband and our two children (13 and 10) were lucky enough to have a chance to attend Ottawa’s Tototoo Theatre’s grand production of the iconic Priscilla, Queen of the Desert at the University of Ottawa’s Alumni Theatre on Friday, May 26. My father, at 81, a veteran of live stage performance in Ottawa and… Read More ›

The Alternative

There’s a brand new adult store in town and it’s in my neighbourhood! The Alternative Adult Store, at 2407 Kaladar Avenue, is a fantastic space with a variety of stimulating items on display. Of course my favourite spot was an Alice in Wonderland themed back room full of BDSM delights like cock cages and anal… Read More ›

Why Gay Erotica?

The one question I’m asked over and over again is “How did you get into writing gay erotic romance?” I always try to think of a short answer, because most of the time the questioner doesn’t have an hour for me to explain. So, I thought I’d do it in a blog post. Because it… Read More ›


Just some recent Michael Stokes images to get you through Hump Day 😉


Many things are changing for me this year. My previous Facebook account was a combination of my author persona and my personal friends/family life which simply wasn’t working anymore so I took a lengthy break and ended up deleting it. I now have a separate Facebook account for friends and family which I am deliberately… Read More ›