Monday Flash Fiction, Sept. 18


Where the fuck did all these birds come from?

Here I am, trying to have a meditative sulk by the goddamn pond and I can’t even hear myself think.

See, things just aren’t going very well right now. This t-shirt I just bought is way too fucking big, this stupid sweater’s still itchy, and my love life’s in the toilet. At least, I think it is. Actually, I don’t know what it is.

I met this guy the other day. Well, met isn’t the right word. I fucked this guy the other day. This amazing, sexy guy, that I almost fell in love with right then and there while we were doing the dirty, and it was all good, fun and happening.

But he hasn’t replied to my text. Okay, texts. I may have sent him too many texts and now I am freaking the fuck out.

I’m standing at the edge of this goddamn peaceful pond trying to calm myself the fuck down, and this huge flock of crows comes out of nowhere, and I can feel my stress levels going into high gear.

It’s a good thing I have my phone on vibrate because I probably wouldn’t have heard the text notification that just buzzed my ass.

A little flame of hope rises within me as I pull the phone from my pocket and check.

It’s him. He replied. I’m smiling and my heart is joining the cacophony of caws and screeches as I read:

You sent me like a gazillion texts you moron. Next time just call. 

Flash Fiction Monday (on Wednesday)


I just joined Helena Stone’s flash fiction Facebook Group because I desperately needed to write a short piece for this photo:



“Jason, you need to scrub it in.”

I thought I was scrubbing it in.

“I am scrubbing it. You want harder?”


I huffed fake annoyance and dug my fingers deep into his scalp, eliciting a deep groan. Okay then.

“That’s better.”

“Thank you, Sir,” I said, with only a bit of sarcasm.

“Watch it. Getting you to wash my hair is a pretty mild consequence for what you did earlier.”

My ears perked up, as did my cock. I mean, I’d thought it a little too mild actually. And kind of boring. Plus my fingers were getting tired.

“Too mild?” I asked, hinting.

He groaned under the flex of my fingers. “What do you think?”

“Yeah, maybe. I’m not a fan of mild. As you know.” I was a fan of intense. Maybe even painful. Definitely not mild.

“Well, then. Why don’t we finish up here. Rinse me.”

The smile spread over my face before I had grabbed the hand held shower, washing the suds from his black hair and wondering what he would choose; a spanking, maybe. I could definitely go for a spanking. I’d been a very naughty boy.

Hot Off The Press!


WOOT! I’ve finally figured out how to add an email sign-up form to my website and Facebook Page!

Which means I can now send out a monthly newsletter featuring exclusive excerpts, hot photos, and information about upcoming books, contests and giveaways!

I’ve been wanting to do this for some time but didn’t think my free WordPress site had the capability, or that I’d have to pay a hefty fee to give it a try.

Turns out it is possible and I’m so excited to begin designing an, ahem, very attractive newsletter each month to send out to anyone interested in keeping up with my activities in the book realm.

If you are interested in receiving a copy of Hot Off The Press! each month, please click here or on the link below that says Newsletter Signup.

And thank you so much for your continued interest in my writing. Your positive feedback is what keeps me motivated to continue to create exciting stories featuring memorable characters and true-to-life situations.

~ Liz



Thomas Synnamon’s Leather and Lace

Several years ago I stumbled upon the photography of Mr. Thomas Synnamon. I say stumbled upon but really it was an honest head-over-heels flip out when I saw this initial image from his Leather and Lace 2011 calendar:


Now, I happen to have a thing for androgyny. I also have a thing for men’s forearms. And another thing for men’s asses. Not to mention for leather, gloves and garter belts (The Rocky Horror Picture Show was a formative film for me).

I believe I nearly had a spontaneous orgasm when I saw the above shot. Then I had to find out who the photographer was. Which led me to discover that there was an entire calendar of these sorts of images.


Now a muscled hunky young guy in leather is one thing, but a muscled hunky young guy in leather with a tiny bit of white lace peeking out? That is a whole other ball game, my friend. That plays with my fluid idea of gender in a very, very fun way.


I searched up these images again because I am currently writing a gender bending scene in The Loft – Book Three, where James and Tate dress Sebastian in lacy lingerie. I needed inspiration and I remembered where I could get it.


I don’t think the calendar is still around, but luckily I was able to find the post at BeautifulMag featuring this outstanding work of Synnamon’s. I had a look at his website which has some stunning photos of mostly naked men, but he seems, sadly, to be focusing on conventional gender representation now. Which I suppose is where the money is so I don’t blame him at all.


But I find his work here to be personally so downright perfect, it’s as if he consulted me before each shoot to find out exactly what I’d want each model to wear. I would have enjoyed dressing these guys up in all the girly lace that looks anything but girly on them.


The only thing this photo shoot didn’t address was my boot fetish, but I can easily imagine all these models wearing docs or dirty work boots so it’s a win all around.


Now if I could only get Michael Stokes onside to create something like this in his studio…



You can visit Thomas Synnamon’s website here.

Priscilla – Anything but a Drag!


My husband and our two children (13 and 10) were lucky enough to have a chance to attend Ottawa’s Tototoo Theatre’s grand production of the iconic Priscilla, Queen of the Desert at the University of Ottawa’s Alumni Theatre on Friday, May 26. My father, at 81, a veteran of live stage performance in Ottawa and London, England raved about this show and offered to pay for our tickets. We took him up on it.

I knew my thirteen year-old daughter would love it, what with the costumes, the rude language and obvious sexual innuendos. I wasn’t sure about my ten year-old son. But rather than getting a sitter for him I figured there wasn’t anything that offensive in the show beyond some colourful language and there was everything right with it. I wanted both my children to be exposed to a wonderful story about acceptance and inclusion, friendship and alternate kinds of parenting. In fact, until I read the summary online, I’d forgotten about the most touching and important part of the story – that Mitzi/Tick is traveling to Alice Springs to see his son and former wife in the hope that he can be a father to his boy.


As expected, there weren’t many other children in attendance (unfortunately) but both my kids thoroughly enjoyed the performance. From the opening number to the lively finale, they were rapt and I’m sure it opened their eyes to the joy of being true to oneself and celebrating life in all its varying expressions. The costumes and musical numbers were wonderful and the choreography inventive and magical. The performances were excellent and each actor captured the spirit and uniqueness of his/her role.


I was particularly impressed by Réjean Mayer-Dinelle’s take on the transgendered Bernadette, Kraig-Paul Proulx as Tick/Mitzi, and Cooper Dunn as little Benji, as well as Jamie Rice‘s performance as the sexy and irreverent Adam/Felicia.

Mayer-Dinelle combined the perfect cocktail of cynicism, fierce loyalty and vulnerability in his character. Bernadette arguably has some of the best lines in the play and the movie and Réjean delivered them with perfect voice and comedic timing.

Proulx brought a wonderful innocence and sincerity to the part of Tick/Mitzi and his interactions with Dunn as Benji were extremely poignant.

Jamie Rice as Adam/Felicia played his part with perfection and poise. As the younger of the three “Queens” he combined just the right amount of sauciness, immaturity and youthful optimism in his role.

Young Cooper Dunn will be an actor to watch as he grows and tackles more roles. His performance was beautiful and real, and I was struck by his gorgeous vocals and natural acting ability. To perform at such a young age in a show as nuanced and important as this one is to be commended and I’m sure he had an absolute blast.

Hugo Weaving in Priscilla Queen Of The Desert.

The venue at the University of Ottawa Alumni Theatre was small but accommodating. The seating in the theatre provided a great view from all levels and the lobby contained multiple seating areas. There were baked goods and drinks available for purchase at intermission and the only complaint I have is that only one out of two toilets in the women’s washroom were functional so there was a longer-than-normal line-up at the break.

We were informed during the introduction that Tototoo will no longer be a nomadic theatre group but will be firmly established at Ottawa’s well-known Gladstone Theatre for its 2017/18 season. Upcoming productions include Bent by Martin Sherman in October 2017, The Normal Heart  by Larry Kramer in March 2018, and My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding by Irene Sankoff and David Hein in June 2018.

Tickets/packages can be purchased at The Gladstone.