Book Series Review – “Free Men” by Kate Aaron


When you finish a series and you can’t stop thinking about the characters and their world, you know the author has done a great job of bringing you into his/her story. Kate Aaron does just that with her Free Men series.

I wasn’t sure quite what to expect when I started reading The Slave, the first book in the series, but I fell in love with Tamelik immediately. Collared slave to an emotionally reserved Master whom he loves without reserve, Tamelik’s first action is to purchase a rebellious slave in his Master’s name in order to save Kai from a much worse fate. The introduction of the distrustful and fearful Kai into the Master’s household, and his eventual seduction by Tamelik and his Master, are some of the most touching and beautiful scenes I have ever read. They are also incredibly hot! Tamelik and Kai’s Master, who remains unnamed at this point in the series, is, despite his position, a gentle and loving Underlord, although he tries to maintain a cold and professional demeanour when not alone with his two slaves.

The first book ends with a cliffhanger and I had to find out what happened to these three men!


In The Soldier, the second instalment in the Free Men series, Kai takes over as narrator/POV and we follow as he and Tamelik and their Master are captured by a violent militia. Throughout this story, Kai faces despair, torture and harsh conditions in order to do everything he can to save Tamelik and his Master. The love he has developed for the two men becomes apparent as he journeys across the desert to get help. So many times his effort is rewarded with so much less than he deserves, yet he keeps fighting for the three of them to be together again.

By the time I finished The Soldier I was fully invested and needed to find out more about the enigmatic Underlord who is the recipient of Tamelik and Kai’s devotion.


I think The Master is my favourite of the three books, if only because we get to explore the now named Master, Lysander’s, world more deeply in his relationship to his wife, The Mistress, and her lover Cal. We discover many secrets as to why Lysander is the way he is, why he denies his strong feelings for Tam and Kai, and the guilt he faces every day about his people’s treatment at the hands of the militia.

Kate Aaron has crafted an entire universe with such realism and emotion that you can’t help but be caught up in it. Her characters are very real and they all struggle with different things as they try to find a place for themselves in the Kingdom.

5/5 stars from me for the entire series.

Although there wasn’t any BDSM in this series, I loved the power dynamic between The Master and his slaves, even though he never took advantage of his ownership and always made sure they were willing participants in any sexual encounters.

I have all three ebooks on my Kindle but I will be asking for the hardcopies for Christmas. This series is worth putting on my actual bookshelf.

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Release Day!!!

Finally, The Loft – Book Two is out!

The Loft by MP

MLR Press,

But not before it received a fantastic 5/5 Heart early review at Kimmer’s Erotic Book Banter Blog!

Stellar 5 Heart Review!

So excited to share the continuation of James’, Tate’s and Sebastian’s story with you all!

The Loft-Book Three is already in editing and will be out before Christmas!

Happy reading :)))))


RTC Readings/Excerpts

If you weren’t able to attend my reading last night at Romancing the Capital (there were many events going on) I’ve got them here!

Reading/excerpt #1, from Beyond the Edge (Book 1 in The James Lucas Trilogy):


“So dance with me…”
He started moving and, by God if, once he forgot about everyone else, he wasn’t a natural. I knew the boy could move, he’d fucked me crazy. He just needed a way to let go and apparently my command did the trick.
We moved together to the beat of the music, rocking our hips and flirting with each other, sweating and smiling and having fun.
Then the band started to play a slow, sultry number so I took Sebastian’s wrist, spinning him around, and took his other wrist so that his arms crossed in front of him. Then I pulled him back against me, making him move with me. I swayed my hips, pressing my hard-on against his leather-clad ass and holding his hands to his sides. His head lolled back against my shoulder, his eyes closed, and he swayed with me, pushing back against my erection. Heaven. The scent of him, the feel of his body against mine, everything swirled together into a hazy fog of happiness. I felt euphoric, aroused, and so excited by this beautiful boy and the possibilities ahead of us.
“Let’s get out of here,” I said in his ear, flicking my tongue against the lobe.
He turned his head, nodding. I let go of his wrists and in a moment we were kissing, sharing our passion with each other and the entire dance floor. My fingers wove into his hair, holding him still as I kissed those perfect lips, hungrily feasting on him until I couldn’t take anymore. His hands clutched my shirt and I could feel his need, not to mention my own. We had to go… I wrenched myself away from him. Some guys smiled at the two of us knowingly but I didn’t even care as I twined my fingers with his, holding his gaze and said, breathlessly, “My place?” As soon as we stepped out of the bar and headed down the steps, Sebastian said, “We could go to my place, if you want? It’s closer.”
“Sold,” I said, grabbing his hand and lacing my fingers with his.
He squeezed my hand, hard, as we stepped onto the sidewalk. “How fast can you walk?” He sounded breathless already.
“Watch me,” I said, pulling him along. We kept stopping to grope each other as we climbed the stairs to Sebastian’s apartment. By the time we actually got the door open and moved inside, I’d gotten his jacket off and was unbuttoning his white shirt.
“Tate…” he moaned, kissing me frantically and helping me with his shirt. “Oh…fuck!…I wanna…I wanna…fuck…you…” He breathed out between kisses.
I groaned, ripping the last button from his shirt as I wrenched it off him, pushing him backward into his room. I was desperate, so horny and wild for him. I shoved him roughly down onto his bed and started to strip. He nodded, his eyes like two blue coals, staring at me from under hooded lids. He lay back, taking his pants down and off and his cock rose, thick and red, before me.
“Well, goddammit…” I murmured, tossing my shirt on the floor and pulling my own pants off. “…If you think you can do the job,” I teased him, grinning.
He laughed. “Get over here…”
And I was on him. We struggled together, naked and both achingly hard and eager. He pressed me down on the bed beneath him, covering me with his muscular body, rubbing his erection against my own.
“Oh my God…” He looked down at me, blond hair falling in front of his eyes. He shook it out of them. “I want to fuck you so hard, Tate, so fucking long and so fucking hard…”
I arched my back, pushing myself up to him. “Then do it…do it now…”

Beyond the Edge, MLR Press

I will have hard copies of this book and the other two books in The James Lucas Trilogy at the book signing on Saturday (2-4).


Reading/Excerpt #2, from The Loft – Book One:


As soon as we arrived home James took us upstairs. It had been ages since we’d been in the loft. We’d been enjoying the more informal aspect of being intimate in other spaces without the formality of the dedicated play space. But I think all three of us were glad to be here again.

“Sebastian, leave your clothes on. Tate, strip.”

Oh. So that’s how it’s gonna be.

I slowly removed my clothes while James and Sebastian watched. If we’d been in the bedroom I’d have asked them if they wanted to put on some music since I was obviously performing for their benefit, but not here. There was a certain protocol to be followed in this space where James had absolute control and a very low tolerance for flippant remarks. I’d best keep quiet and do as told.

“Sebastian, stand in the middle of the room, please, facing the cross.”

“Yes, Sir.” Sebastian, still in his church clothes—white cotton dress shirt, black pants and leather loafers—obeyed.

James approached me. “You, my friend, are going up there,” he said, nodding at the wooden beams of the St. Andrew’s Cross on the wall.

“Yes, Sir. Whatever you wish …” I said, determined to be the perfect little sub today. I’d beat Oliver at his own game.

James smiled. “Good boy.”

He positioned me facing outward, my wrists and ankles in the cuffs so that I stood spread-eagled and vulnerable. Walking over to the cabinet he said, “You know I haven’t forgotten your little outburst at the library.”

Oh shit.

He returned carrying a ball gag and a cock ring. He snapped the ring into place and stroked me quickly to an erection. “That will help keep you ready. Open your mouth.”

He placed the ball between my teeth and fastened the strap behind my head. Then he took my chin very roughly and made me look at him.

“That was quite the display of unwarranted jealousy. So today I’m gagging you and you’re going to watch me play with another man.”

Since the other man in this case was Sebastian I only felt jealous in the sense of wanting to be included in the fun. Being bound naked and helpless while they enjoyed each other would be very frustrating but I suppose I deserved it.

I murmured “Uh huh,” behind the gag as James kissed the corner of my mouth.

“Good boy.”

He backed up, admiring his handiwork, then turned to Sebastian. “Don’t move,” he said as he walked around behind him.

Sebastian stared at me with his lips open slightly but remained motionless.

James pressed himself close against Sebastian from behind and began to unbutton the blond man’s shirt, occasionally sliding a hand underneath the crisp cotton to fondle Sebastian’s bare skin. He took his damn time, every now and then glancing my way and slowly working at another button. Very, very gradually Sebastian’s shirt came undone. As James leisurely undid the second to last button I noticed smudges of red on the pale skin of Sebastian’s abdomen. My first alarmed thought was that it was blood, but it wasn’t the right color. Soon I could see that the red smudge was a letter.

What the hell had James done? Flashbacks to a particular personal debasement with a tube of red lipstick came to mind.

Oh hell.

James popped the final button and the sides of Sebastian’s white shirt fell away. They both stared at me as I read what James had written on Sebastian’s belly, just above his happy trail and the low-hanging band of his dress pants.

Property of James L. and Tate M.

I felt a jolt in my groin. I think I moaned.

James must have applied this mark of ownership in his distinctive cursive scrawl before Sebastian dressed for church this morning and while Sebastian sang in his fancy clothes and choir robes, his angelic voice reaching spiritual heights, only he and James knew of this private debasement.

My heart beat loud in my chest.

Sebastian stared at me with fire in his blue eyes and slowly smiled.

The Loft – Book One, MLR Press.

The Loft – Book Two will be out on Friday, August 11th from MLR Press!

The Loft by MP




“In the shower, please. I want you to clean each other and I want it to be thorough. That means behind the ears and in the crack. Got it?”
“Yes, Sir,” we said. We stepped into the shower. It was only after I’d turned on my showerhead and turned around that I got a good look at Sebastian. If we were in a cartoon there’d be bombs going off in the balloon over my head. Jesus fucking Christ. If he wasn’t the hottest thing I’d ever seen. I mean, ever.
He was facing the other way and had tilted his head forward under the water to let it soak his hair. The warm rivulets ran over his defined muscles and smooth skin, down his long legs and into the drain at his beautiful naked feet.
I glanced at James. He sat there, watching us intently with a little hint of a smile on his face. I turned back to Sebastian, picking up the body wash.
“You can talk to each other,” James said, “but only about the task at hand, please.”
“Turn around,” I said to Sebastian.
Sebastian turned his head and smiled, twisting under the hot water until he stood before me in all his glory. He shook the water out of his eyes. We stared at each other for a long moment, during which we seemed to communicate our mutual pleasure at what was occurring.
“Get on with it,” James said sternly.
I broke from that blue-eyed gaze and poured some body wash into my hand. For the next fifteen minutes I soaped and lathered that beautiful boy from top to bottom, not missing a spot, delighting in his soft smiles and grunts of pleasure from my gentle ministrations. Afterwards, he did the same to me. This reciprocal bathing resulted in some pretty obvious signs of arousal by the time we’d finished. Our dicks looked like a matching set, although I noticed that Sebastian’s stood somewhat thicker and longer than my own.

We glanced at James. He had crossed one of his long legs over the other and watched us with a lackadaisical air that belied the bulge we could both see.

~ Beyond the Edge, Chapter Three.



Book Review – Playing to Win by Avery Cockburn


I almost gave this one full marks just for the cover. Jk. But as a lover of men in kilts it did grab my attention.

*Playing to Win Blurb: 

Being out in this world was dangerous enough. Being real was downright suicidal.

Colin MacDuff has nothing. Growing up in a Glasgow slum, he learned never to trust, never to cry—and never EVER to be at the mercy of anyone, especially rich men. So how did he end up half-naked at a rave with Scotland’s hottest young aristocrat?

Lord Andrew Sunderland has everything. From ancestral castle to posh prep school, he’s spent his life wrapping others around his wee finger. With a social circle full of celebrities and politicians, nothing can stop Andrew’s rise to the top. Nothing, that is, save his desire for a dirt-poor, wolf-eyed footballer whose scars and tattoos tell unbearable tales.

Colin and Andrew come from different worlds, believe in different worlds, want different worlds. Yet every time they touch, all worlds fall away.

Set amid the fiery Scottish-independence struggle, this searing gay romance tells the story of two men who must lose everything to win each other’s hearts.

Buy Link

I fell for Colin at the very beginning of this novel and he did not disappoint.

Colin MacDuff is street-smart, sarcastic, brave and compassionate and always up for a challenge. Which is part of the reason he finally gives in to his animal attraction to preppy and privileged Lord Andrew Sunderland, even though they seem to be hilariously mismatched and their “relationship” doomed to failure.



Against a backdrop of the upcoming vote for Scottish Independence on which they each have opposing views, their love story is a rich and layered one. The relationship is tenuous from the beginning because their backgrounds and current life situations are so divergent, and the knowledge that each cheers for the other side in such a crucial and deciding vote on Scotland’s history makes any alliance that much more fragile.

They start off just hooking up for sex, because neither seems able to fight the attraction they feel for each other. Andrew confesses to Colin that he doesn’t like to top, so Colin gladly takes on that role each time they get together. He almost hates the fact that he enjoys having sex with Andrew so much and occasionally some of his anger at Andrew’s privileged life emerges during these encounters.

Andrew loves Colin’s Devil-may-care attitude and thinks he understands the reasons Colin is so against Scotland remaining part of the UK, but he doesn’t really “get” what life is really like for Colin until he visits Colin’s family home in Glasgow. Conversely, Colin finally gets to see what life is like for Andrew when he meets Andrew’s well-off parents and prig of a brother.


Ms. Cockburn’s writing is excellent in the way it conveys the world of Glasgow before/during/after the vote. She deftly creates the world she knows and uses some distinct local dialogue to add to the Scottish flavour of her characters. Her detailing of Colin and Andrew’s sexual encounters is done with emotion and skill, making each of them a treat to experience, from the blowjob in the dark during a police raid to the eventual experience of making love when they’ve realized they aren’t just fucking anymore.

There is a sub plot that is deftly written about Andrew’s life possibly being in danger and this is resolved believably in the end. I also enjoyed the effect of social media on their relationship and how Ms. Cockburn used Andrew’s and Colin’s Twitter accounts to juxtapose their political leanings and life situations very effectively.

A wonderful story with well written and believable characters, full of emotion and vulnerability and heroic acts, with a history lesson to boot.

What more can one ask?

5/5 stars from me, and not just for the cover 😉

*This is the second book in Avery Cockburn’s Glasgow Lads series.