Science Fiction Double Feature – Friday Flash Fic., Jan. 19


“Rocky, just sit back and enjoy the show,” Dr. Frank N. Furter suggested in his sensuously deep voice with a smirk of his luscious red lips. “It’s a science fiction double feature!” His pink tongue slid over those lips as he raised his eyebrows, clapping his manicured hands together. “My favourite!”

Rocky grunted, glancing at the man who had shocked him into consciousness just days ago.

Frank N. Furter was … well, he was something. Something Rocky was just starting to figure out.

Oh, he knew all about him physically. Frank had made sure of that, having created Rocky, he assumed, expressly for that purpose. And being new to the entire experience of living and fucking, Rocky had participated enthusiastically in that lesson.

Frank N. Furter was a gourmand in the excesses of the flesh. A veritable connoisseur of sexual pleasure. Nothing stood in the way of Frank getting what he needed or wanted but he was a seducer, not a cad. He made sure the objects of his affection were entirely willing participants in every delicious act of debauchment.

Something about him, something perhaps a bit otherworldly, convinced most people that Frank would enrich their experience and bring them home.

Rocky glued his eyes to the screen and tried to ignore what Frank’s hand was doing as it traced a path up his thigh to the very tight gold lamé trunks that had been given to him to wear. The movie was a classic B-Grade science fiction movie. Frank had explained the appeal of these movies to Rocky in vivid detail, and Rocky wanted to see for himself.

But he couldn’t help glancing down at Frank when the hand made it’s gentle way to…

“Oh Rocky!” Dr. Furter exclaimed when he reached his specific point of interest.

Rocky smiled down at the curly haired man in bustier, fish net stockings and high heels who appeared so very excited at the size of Rocky’s … endowments. Well, he’d been made to order, hadn’t he?

“You’re so … so … dominant! Such a perfect specimen of manhood! I’m so proud of you, Rocky.”

Rocky blushed, smiled and grunted again, this time with much pleasure and anticipation, the movie suddenly forgotten.

Wo oh oh oh oh,

At the late night, double feature, picture show…

The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Wallpaper #1

Tease – Monday Flash Fic., Jan. 15


Are you in the building?

I glanced down at my phone. It had buzzed as I’d exited the elevator on Sam’s floor.

Grinning at his eagerness, I texted back: Down the hall. Be there soon.

My phone buzzed again.

Don’t come in.

I stopped in my tracks, confused. That was unexpected. What? Why?

Because I have something to show you.

Now I was completely confused, but I made my way to his door. The number 325 stared back at me from the antique wood as I awaited further instruction.

My phone buzzed again.

Look through the keyhole, Gordon.

My heartbeat increased exponentially. What was Sam playing at? I couldn’t wait to find out.

A restored historic building, the doors still had keyholes which I’d pointed out was kind of a violation of Sam’s privacy and a security hazard. He hadn’t really cared.

And when I crouched down to look through the tiny opening, I was glad.

I could see Sam, straight ahead in the armchair from the corner that he must have carefully positioned in direct sightline of the keyhole.


He was dressed in only a pair of tight boxer briefs that outlined his swollen prick, leaving nothing to the imagination.

I loosened my tie, wondering what kind of game he was playing.

My phone buzzed again. I didn’t want to look down, but I did:

Can you see me?

My thumbs fumbled my answer: Yes.


My eyes flew back to the keyhole.

He stared right at me, knowing I was there. The shadow of dark stubble on his face followed the curve of his jaw and emphasized his cheekbones. He licked his full lips and brought his right hand to gently stroke the outline of his cock over the cotton of his boxers. His cellphone, resting on the arm of the chair, cast its soft blue light over him.

I shuddered, feeling like a pervert but loving every minute of this. Sweat had formed under the collar of my suit jacket. I glanced quickly to either side of me. Luckily, there was no-one else in the hall.

I tried not to let my breathing become too heavy but it was futile. Fumbling with my cellphone, I sent the following:

Take it out. I want to see it.

I watched as his phone became brighter and heard the small noise it made. He glanced down at it and laughed, glancing back at the keyhole where I was crouched, watching, waiting. Lifting his chin, he pursed his lips and sent me a kiss while he snaked his hand beneath his shorts and brought out the prize.

But he teased me even still, keeping his balls and the lower part of his cock covered, just showing me the leaking tip while he moved his hand back and forth, his thighs clenching with each stroke.

Christ, I was going crazy and my back had started to hurt. Plus I was sweating like a pig in my work clothes.

Ah hell. Please let me in. I texted.

This time he stood, peeled off his briefs and sat back down, lazily stroking himself and crooking a finger at me with his other hand before using it to type a new text:

It’s unlocked.

I let out a breath, not even realizing I’d been holding it, and cursed quietly.

Then I stood. But before I entered the room I texted him one more time. I wanted to make him wait now. You’re naked and jerking off with the door unlocked? What if some pervert gets in?

I waited a moment and was pleased when my phone buzzed quickly.

I’m counting on it. Get in here.

I couldn’t help the smile that spread over my face as I grabbed the handle and twisted.






Soulmate – Friday Flash Fic., Jan. 12


“So then Tucker hauls back and punches Jessica in the mouth.”


“Right in the fucking mouth! That’ll teach her to think before she uses that word again,” Mikah said with some satisfaction.

“Oh my God, that is EPIC. Also proves that just because a guy is gay, doesn’t mean he can’t have a good left hook,” I said.

I laughed again, maybe a little too loudly. A couple of people studying at the desks near the window shot me dirty looks but I didn’t really care. This was the best story I’d heard in weeks.

“Do you think she’ll – ”

“Excuse me, but you’ll need to keep it down if you want to stay here,” a deep voice murmured in my ear, so close I could feel the person’s breath on my cheek. I jumped and spun around, ready to give this intimate intruder a piece of my mind.

“I’ll what…I mean, what…I mean, pardon?” was all I managed because I was now looking into the vibrant, and somewhat pissed off, blue eyes of a veritable bear of a man.

The guy was huge, with a thick but neatly trimmed brown beard and soft brown curls peaking out from under a backwards baseball cap. My eyes flew to his huge biceps which were covered with tattoos.

I glanced over at Mikah, who was staring at the dude with an equally awed expression.

“This is the campus library, in case you weren’t already aware, and you need to keep it down.” His voice dripped like molasses over me.

I cleared my throat and let my eyes drift down over the dark jeans that encased muscular thighs and thick calves, to the pair of quality Vans on the guys’ big feet. I fleetingly wondered if – no, it was best not to go there right now.

“I’m sorry if I was disturbing you,” I said, “My friend was telling a funny story.”

Bear guy smiled, and if that smile didn’t light up his whole goddamn face so hard I started to hyperventilate…

“Are you all right?” he said, while Mikah moved toward me.

“Cam? You okay?” Mikah asked.

I nodded, embarrassed and aroused and freaking the fuck out. Who was this guy anyway and why was he busting my balls, and working them up as well?

“I’m fine. Name’s Cam,” I said holding out my hand.

Both Mikah and the bear guy looked at me like I was insane.

The bear guy took my hand and smiled again. I almost fainted.

“I’m Grady. And, as the campus librarian I need to ask you to be quieter.”

“The campus lib-” I stuttered. “You’re the campus librarian?”

I saw Mikah slice a hand across his own throat as if to say shut the fuck up right now. But did I? Fuck no.

“THE LIBRARIAN?” I said, more loudly than I’d been speaking before Grady had intervened.

Grady squeezed my hand and grimaced slightly, nodding. “Yes. Why is that so surprising?”

I gulped, gesturing at his beard and his arms and his tattoos. “Because. Well, because…because I’ve never seen a librarian like you before.”

He seemed to find that very amusing and gave me the neuron-killing megawatt smile once more. I swear the guy was going to kill me.

“Well, get used to it. I’m gonna be riding your ass for the next few months since I can now plainly see you’re a troublemaker.”

Mikah’s chin dropped at this blatant display of what appeared to be … interest? Was Grady flirting with me? In a really obvious and aggressive way? He didn’t seem to be mad so it was a logical assumption.

I squeaked out a meek, “Okay then. I’ll try to behave myself, sir.” as I saw his gaze drift over me.

He licked his lips. “Good.” Then he turned and walked away and I grabbed the nearby table for support.

The back of his t-shirt read:

Librarian – the hardest part of my job is being nice to people who think they know how to do my job.

I grabbed Mikah’s arm in a death grip. “Mikah?”


“I’m going to marry that man.”

Mikah’s chin dropped again.

“Or fucking die trying.”


Dilemma, Friday Flash Fic., Jan. 5


What am I even doing here? This is a mistake.

Jordan hesitated in the hallway outside Michael’s bedroom. Naked except for a pair of Michael’s boxers which were slightly big on him, he wondered if this was all just a huge, fucking mistake.

“Jordan?” Michael called. “You coming?”

“Um, just a second,” Jordan said, starting to panic.

On the one hand, Michael had shown him things in bed he’d only ever dreamed of. They’d already had a couple of fun romps but this time had been different. Jordan was feeling more than just the sex. But was Michael?

Maybe I should go. Make up some excuse and get out of here before I fall even deeper for someone who just wants a fun night here and there…

The bedroom door opened and Michael stood there, completely naked, with a puzzled frown.

“What are you doing?” he asked, his brown eyes searching Jordan’s.

“Thinking,” Jordan said.

“Can’t you do that in here?”

Jordan laughed nervously. “You’re a little distracting.”

Michael grinned. “Thanks, I guess. Whatcha thinking about?”

Jordan swallowed and scratched his head. “Um, you. Us. Is there an … us?”

Michael seemed taken aback. “Well, uh. I thought so. Until right this minute…” The vulnerability in his gaze raised a tiny hope inside Jordan.

“I mean, this is fun and all. But … is that all?” Jordan raised his eyebrows at Michael. “Because I think I’m having a little bit more than just fun right now. And I need to know if you feel the same. Because if not, then I need to go.”

Michael reached out and wrapped his hand gently around Jordan’s wrist. He only said one word but the look in his eyes and the touch were all Jordan needed.


Rock Solid – Monday Flash Fic., Jan. 1, 2018


“There. Stand on that rock with the pond behind you,” my sister, Martha, directed.

I glanced at Grayson and raised an eyebrow. He shrugged.

Martha took out her phone and expressed impatience. “Guys. Seriously. It’s your one year anniversary. I need a good photo. You need a good photo. It’s been a hell of a year.”

She was right. It had been a hell of a year.

I reached out and laced my fingers with his, leading him up the shore and onto the flat rock my sister had indicated. We’d hiked for an hour to get here and the view was spectacular. Might as well record it for posterity’s sake. And it was, in fact, the one year anniversary of me asking Grayson to move in.

He’d been reluctant, if only because he prided himself on his independence and worried about becoming that couple who always stayed in and never did anything exciting anymore. And, well, maybe we had become that couple in a small way, but it was only because we enjoyed each other’s company so much we didn’t feel the need for anyone else much of the time. We still made an effort to go out and meet up with friends at the bars and there were lots of family events too. We were lucky to have people who believed in us and our relationship and who celebrated us as much as our more conventionally married siblings.

As we stepped onto the rock, Grayson slipped and clutched my fingers.

“Shit,” he laughed, as I steadied him.

“You okay?”

He moved close to me and squeezed my hand. “I’m better than okay, Brian. I’m awesome.”

I smiled at him, my other half, my lover, my best friend. “Me too,” I said, leaning in to kiss him.

“Got it!” My sister said happily.

But we ignored her and kept kissing, content in ourselves and each other and the commitment we’d made.

Unwrapped – Friday Flash Fic., Dec. 22


So this guy totally reminds me of the character of Sebastian from The James Lucas and The Loft trilogies.

A bit of background: Beyond the Edge (book 1 in The James Lucas Trilogy) tells the story of 27 year-old Tate who finally has a chance to sub for well-known and respected Ottawa Dom, James Lucas. But, surprise, surprise, James actually has invited another young man to sub alongside Tate during his much-anticipated BDSM weekend. As soon as Tate sets eyes on 23 year-old Sebastian and sits down with him for an introductory coffee the week before the big event, he knows it will be something extraordinary.

Sebastian eventually wins James’ heart as well, after James and Tate discover that they cannot be apart, and the three men establish a successful three-way relationship.

Sebastian is a natural submissive, enjoying everything about being dominated and under someone else’s control. He loves to do whatever James asks of him and he usually does it with little questioning and little delay whereas Tate enjoys aggravating James almost as much as pleasing him. But since James gets a kick out of Tate’s bratty nature, the relationship works.

In The Little Drummer Boy, my 12,000 word free NSFW, 18+, Christmas story, Tate is frustrated by James’ unusually busy work schedule and Sebastian’s need to study for his college finals but James promises and delivers some seasonal playtime in the loft, his attic playroom, after teaching Tate an important lesson in self control and denial.

For today’s Friday Flash Fic challenge, I will be writing about a little – well not so little – Christmas surprise that Sebastian has in store for Tate and James on Christmas morning, after the presents are all unwrapped.

Or are they?


After we’d finished the exchange of gifts on Christmas morning and gotten all the “Thank you’s” and “You’re welcomes” out of the way, James and I lounged on the sofa sipping our coffees while Sebastian excused himself to try on some of his new clothes.

James watched Sebastian’s retreating back with interest and some amusement.

“What?” I asked, since he seemed to know something I didn’t.

He shrugged.

I narrowed my eyes. “No, come on. What’s going on?”

James looked genuinely innocent as he said, “I really have no idea, except that he had me help him with something this morning that has my curiosity … piqued.”

“Really,” I said, wondering what Sebastian was up to, but too relaxed and happy to get up and follow. Besides, James probably wouldn’t let me, lest I “spoil” the surprise, whatever it was going to be.

I picked up the new tablet they’d pitched in to get me and started the registration process while waiting.

“I need a good password,” I said, looking at James expectantly.

“Hmm. How about ilikegettingmyassspanked?”

“Too obvious. Try again.”

“Okay. What about myasslooksbetterafteragoodhiding?”

“Too long. And, again, too obvious.”

“Let me think.” His brow furrowed.

After several moments he took the pad of paper and pen from the side table and wrote something down. He passed it to me. “That should fulfill all the requirements.”


“Paddle slut and sixty-nine star?” I smiled, nodding. “I like it. Still kind of obvious but, meh. It’ll do.”

Sebastian’s voice came from the kitchen. “Um, can you guys help me with something in here, please?”

James and I exchanged a glance. Then, picking up our mugs we made our way out of the living room.

What greeted us upon entering the kitchen area was a wonderful sight indeed.

“Oh yes,” James said, a huge smile on his face.

“Well,” I said, looking Sebastian over, “that’s just beautiful.”

The only pair of new clothes he had on were the red cotton boxer briefs I’d put in his stocking, which fit him perfectly. Meaning they were snug enough to show off the line of his semi-hard cock and the curve of his balls. I think my mouth might have dropped open after I’d gotten the words out.

On his chest, in black body paint, was scrawled: “Naughty or” and on the top of his six-pack the word “nice?” with a question mark finished off the effect. James must have done that for him this morning.

A Santa hat perched jauntily on Sebastian’s head while he pointed at me with a spatula. I felt a thrill of excitement before he said, “Tate, you’re gonna beat some eggs. And, James, you’re gonna chop some mushrooms and onions.”

James raised his eyebrows. “Shouldn’t I beat the eggs? I do have the most experience with beatings.” He winked at me.

Sebastian laughed. “Thing is, I don’t want them too beaten. They need to be beaten just right.” He said. “Sir.”

James looked supremely offended but shrugged his shoulders. “Whatever. As long as I get to sit here and watch you move around I’ll do whatever you want.”

I closed my mouth, realizing that Sebastian had entrusted me with the job of doing the eggs over James and feeling my chest puff out a bit. “Whatever you say, darling.”

“Good. That’s all I need help with. I’ll do the rest and you two can watch me whip up the best brunch you’ve ever had.” He gazed at me with fire in his eyes. “And then, after you eat what I cook for you, you can, um, have me for dessert? I mean, if you want?”

“I want,” James said, taking the cutting board and vegetables that Sebastian passed him.

“Hell, yeah,” I said, “Pass me those eggs.”

Luckily, it was easy to beat eggs while keeping my eyes glued to Sebastian’s ass in those tight boxer briefs as he moved around the kitchen. He didn’t cook very often and never attempted to make a complicated meal like James or I might. But he was pretty good with breakfast foods and would whip up scrambled eggs and pancakes for us every once in awhile. Never before while so alluringly underdressed, though.

James had a harder time with the chopping and dealing with blurry, teared eyes from the onions. He almost injured himself at one point. I’d never seen him quite so distracted.

“Fuck!” He said, as he almost sliced off his little finger. For the second time.

“Jesus, James, you need all your fingers,” I reminded him.

“I’ll be more careful.”

“Good. You can ogle him when you’re finished,” I said.

He stuck his tongue out at me, which was so juvenile a thing for James to do I burst out laughing.

My mouth was watering for more than food by the time Sebastian served us his masterpiece on the breakfast bar. While we ate I kept stealing glances at Sebastian’s naked chest and belly with the words “Naughty or nice?” painted there.

When I’d finished I wiped my hands on the napkins he’d provided and pressed my palms flat on the counter. “So, what are you?”

Sebastian looked up from his plate, chewing on a piece of bacon.

I pushed off the stool and rounded the bar, glancing at James who had stopped eating to watch. Turning back to Sebastian I gently made him put his utensils down. Then I turned him on the rotating stool and nudged his thighs apart.

He sat up straighter as I stepped close and poked the place on his chest where the word “Naughty” was written.

“Are you naughty?” My finger trailed down to the other word. “Or are you nice?”

“Fuck,” James said, this time without his finger in jeopardy. He watched us with wide eyes and licked his lips.

I focused on Sebastian who breathed loudly and didn’t seem to know where to put his hands.

“Hmm?” I pressed, leaning in close and licking syrup from his stubbled cheek. “I mean, I already know. But I want to hear you say it.”

“Oh fuck, Tate,” he breathed, his hands resting lightly on the waistband of my PJ pants. “I’m so naughty. So, so naughty.”

I nodded, licking syrup from the corner of his lips. “Oh I know just how naughty you are, Sebastian.”

James cleared his throat. “So do I,” he said, voice husky. “Maybe we can all be naughty up in my room?”

I nodded, leaning in and licking the lobe of Sebastian’s ear under the Santa hat, making him sigh.

“Oh, yeah,” I said, sliding my hands under the waistband of those red boxer briefs. “I think he needs a bath first. He’s just covered in syrup and we need to wash this paint off.”

Sebastian whimpered and turned his head, catching my lips with his. We kissed roughly, hungrily, until James cleared his throat again.

“Upstairs, the both of you. I’ve never seen two dirtier boys in my life. I’ll run the bath.” He made for the stairs while Sebastian and I kept kissing, unable to keep our hands off each other. I wasn’t sure we’d make it upstairs.

James enjoyed the view for a moment before he spoke again. “Hey. I’m not kidding. Upstairs now, or God help me I’ll tan both your hides this afternoon and make your asses as red as Rudolph’s fucking nose.”

We started laughing which effectively ended our kiss. I took Sebastian’s hand, pulling him off the stool. “I guess we’d better do as we’re told.”

He sighed. “Yeah. Even though a Christmas spanking sounds kind of nice.”

“Oh, you are naughty, aren’t you?” I said, leading him up the stairs and ogling his now solid bulge under the red cotton.

“As if there was ever any doubt,” James said.



Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and an extraordinary New Year, with many goals achieved and challenges faced!

Here’s hoping 2018 is full of fun times and sexy reads!







No Regrets – Friday Flash Fic., Dec. 15


“Dude, when are you getting that horrible tattoo covered up?” I asked, for about the hundredth time. I hated the thing — God is a righteous judge, a God who displays his wrath every day. It marred, in my humble opinion, an otherwise perfect body.

Dominic cuddled Shamus, our Golden retriever, closer. Shamus didn’t really like to be picked up, but he let Dominic do whatever he wanted. He was Dominic’s dog more than mine.

Dominic shrugged. “It’s expensive to get a tattoo covered up. Plus I keep forgetting it’s there. It’s completely irrelevant to my life now.”

“I still don’t understand what made you do it in the first place.”

He sighed and put the dog down. Shamus shook himself violently then raced toward the water.

“I was pissed off at my Dad. It was kind of a warning to him. That this “God” that he spoke of so often was judging him for what he did to me and mom, and not judging me because of the path my life took,” Dominic said angrily, picking up a rock and trying to skip it across the water. It hit the surface and jumped, then landed and sank. “Of course, he thought it meant I was finally coming around. Joke was on him though.” Dominic laughed, pursing his lips into a kissing shape and puckering at me.

“I just wonder if some people might read it and take it the wrong way,” I said. Anything remotely religious made me extremely uncomfortable. I’d faced bigotry and hatred most of my life and it was always from ultra-religious freaks who quoted God at every opportunity.

Dominic shrugged. “Who cares? I feel like it’s a private joke between me and,” he pointed up at the sky, “whoever might be up there.”

I nodded. I kind of got it. It did make sense the way he described it. Like the perfect flipping off of his Dad that kind of went under the wire until Dominic was ready to actually leave.

“I still think you should get it covered up,” I said, picking up my own rock and making a much better throw. I watched it hit the very top of the water once, twice and a third time before it disappeared. “Or at least get another tattoo that says I LOVE PATRICK MORRISON. Maybe on your ass.” I laughed.

Dominic smiled and rolled his eyes. “You’re an idiot.”

“I know.”

He whistled for Shamus and we started back for the cabin.

“I’d settle for just my first and last name. One on each cheek,” I said archly, starting to run when I realized Dominic was chasing me.


Turning Back, Monday Flash Fic., Dec. 11.


Toby stared out the car window, wondering when his life had become so complicated.

Jason was driving and neither of them had said a word for about twenty minutes. They’d had a huge argument before leaving the house and the tense silence seemed full of recrimination on both sides.

Why were they always mad at each other these days? It hadn’t been like this for the first few years they’d lived together. They’d been gracious and gentle, treating their growing relationship with kid gloves. Somewhere along the line they’d traded in the kid gloves for boxing gloves. Little betrayals and inadequacies had become BIG DEALS and now they barely shared a kind word.

Toby sighed, looking out into the darkness at the lit up blue and red art installations as they passed by. They were a controversial addition to the city but Toby thought they looked kind of nice.

“Not those eyesores again,” Jason muttered. “I hate those fucking things.”

At least he had spoken. He had made an effort. But had he said the wrong thing?

Toby wondered if Jason thought he was an eyesore. Had they been together so long that Jason didn’t find him attractive anymore?

“What are we doing?” Toby said, before he realized he was going to say anything at all.

Silence for a few moments. Then Jason sighed and said, “I don’t know.”

He didn’t pretend to not understand what Toby was talking about. He slowed the car and pulled over to the side of the road, switching on the hazard lights and placing a broad hand over his eyes.

Toby felt his stomach churn and the bile rise in his throat. After a few more seconds he realized Jason was crying.

“It’s okay,” he said, in order to say something.

“No, it’s not,” Jason said. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me. With us.”

Toby felt tears at the corners of his own eyes. “I don’t know either,” he whispered.

They watched the traffic pass them by, like all the happy plans and dreams they’d had about their life together.

“It’s not over. It can’t be over,” Jason whispered.

Toby felt his heart break but he had to reply. “Maybe it is. Maybe it should be.”

They were silent for several moments. Then Jason started the car again. “I want to go home.”

“There’s nothing there,” Toby stated.

“Yes there is,” Jason said firmly. “It’s all there. Everything we ever wanted. We just have to see it. And keep trying.”

For the first time in a long while, Toby felt a tiny spark light deep inside. They could try. They could always try.




Madness – Monday Flash Fic., Dec. 4th



“But, Alice,” George said with a tremulous lilt to his voice. “All I see is my reflection.”

Alice smiled gently, touching her hand to the small of his back. “Just relax and wait a moment. Trust me.”

George tried to do as he was told, taking a deep breath and looking again into the square framed mirror on the floor of the parlour. Alice had prepared him for something magical and all he saw was his tired face looking back at him.

At that very moment something moved over his shoulder. It wasn’t Alice. He watched the space again and drew back as a small animal popped its furry head up and … grinned.

“You see?” Alice said, laughing gently. “There he is.”

George leaned forward again. “There who is? A rabbit?”

“Not just any rabbit, George. The White Rabbit.” She leaned over his other shoulder so that her reflection appeared. “He wants you to follow him.”

“But how do I do that?” George asked, watching the rabbit hop away in the distance.

“You have to believe,” she said, taking his hand.

Suddenly, the mirror widened and they tumbled forward, falling through it and the floor and the world.

“What is happening, Alice?” George exclaimed as gravity seemed to pull at every part of him and he marvelled that he hadn’t bruised his head on the parlour floor. In fact, the parlour floor had disappeared.

“You’re coming with me this time, George! There’s someone I want you to meet. He’s absolutely divine and he throws the best tea parties!” She said excitedly as they continued to fall. “Some say he’s completely mad but, honestly, George, compared to some people in our house he seems refreshingly uncomplicated.”

“Really?” George said, intrigued and just wishing they could arrive wherever they were going. His stomach was beginning to turn.

As if on cue, they landed together with a thump on something soft. When George opened his eyes, both he and Alice lay on a carpet of bright green grass, looking up at a queer man in a very tall black top hat.

“I say, lovely to see you, Alice! Nice of you to drop in for tea,” said the man.

Alice giggled and sat up, dusting off her dress. “It’s wonderful to see you again!”

The dapper gentleman doffed his hat and gave George a most attractive smile. “I see you’ve brought a friend.”

Alice nodded. “Yes. This is George. I thought the two of you might get along.”

George sat up and brushed a twig out of his hair, offering the tall man his hand to shake. “Pleased to meet you, Sir.”

The handsome gentleman took George’s hand and pulled him to a standing position. Now George could see that the man was only a little taller than him in actuality, the hat he wore adding several inches. With his other hand he doffed it, and bent to one knee before George.

“And I, dear George, am delighted to meet you. People call me “mad” because of some of my pastimes, but I hope we can share them together. Alice understands me, and I know she would bring me a companion who thinks likewise.”

George stared at the man, wondering what he meant, when Alice said, “Hatter, I know that George is perfect for you. He struggles in our world and I thought he would like to be in a place where people may think him mad, but they will let him alone.”

The man that Alice called “Hatter” replaced his top hat, stood, and gestured to a table set up nearby, full of delicacies and several pots of tea. “Won’t you sit down?”

George followed Alice to a chair and sat, suddenly realizing that his companions at the table were various small animals dressed in their best Sunday clothes, including the dapper White Rabbit, who waved and winked at him.

He leaned close to whisper into Alice’s ear. “But the other guests aren’t human.”

She gave him a confused smile. “Well, don’t hold that against them.”

Hatter cleared his throat. “Ladies and Gentlemen, rabbits and foxes, toads and mice, and all the other creatures who have honoured me with their presence today. I’d like you to welcome my good friends, Alice and George. Alice I’ve known for ages and George I hope to know very well soon enough.”

The animals cheered and George smiled at the invitation in Hatter’s beautiful grey eyes. Could it be that Hatter was mad” in the same way as George? That is, did the feelings that rose inside George at Hatter’s intimate look rise in Hatter also? Could it be that here, in this wonderful place, they could be true companions the way George never could be with anyone of his choosing back home? Not unless he wanted to risk imprisonment or ridicule at the very least?

Suddenly overcome with unfamiliar self-confidence, George took hold of his teacup, which steamed with the hot amber liquid, and raised it to Hatter with a smile. “Cheers, Hatter. May we come to know each other well and explore our “madness” in every sense of the word.”

The animals cheered as they drank and Alice’s tinkling laughter drifted away on the breeze.