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Book Review – Playing to Win by Avery Cockburn

June 20, 2017

I almost gave this one full marks just for the cover. Jk. But as a lover of men in kilts it did grab my attention. *Playing to Win Blurb:  Being out in this world was dangerous enough. Being real was downright suicidal. Colin MacDuff has nothing. Growing up in a Glasgow slum, he learned never… Read More ›

New Book Review Feature

I’ve decided to add the occasional book review to my website/blog. Now I have, over the years, come to the conclusion that these sorts of books, by which I mean romance and erotic romance, are an intensely personal experience. As such, there is a wide variation of what appeals to certain people and what doesn’t…. Read More ›

The James Lucas Trilogy

When I started writing my first novel, which became Beyond the Edge, I wasn’t even sure I could write a full length novel. I had these three distinct characters in my head and I knew how they met, and I had a vague idea where to take it from there. But I wasn’t sure if… Read More ›

Goodreads Review – Exposure

Review of second read on Feb. 24, 2015. Wow, I am SO GLAD I decided to re-read this one! I had forgotten the entire premise and just how much I loved it. (One advantage of getting old, I guess.) Purchase Link MC Martin and MC Jeremy meet on a cold October day when Jeremy comes… Read More ›

My Debut Novella, Reviewed.

It’s been four years since my first ebook, Exposure, was published and I’ve been careful not to post any reviews that might spoil the story for others.  However, now that it’s been so long, I want to share this beautiful review with you.  I’m so proud I was able to create a character who dealt… Read More ›

New Review!

Great 5 star review for The Cross and the Trinity from MM Good Book Reviews! “This has to be one of my favourite BDSM themed series, the writing is excellent, the action is hot and the sexual tension is perfect. Best of all, these are just ordinary guys just trying to sort out their love… Read More ›