“I think that we…

…need to tread very carefully. I don’t want to cause more trouble between you,” he said slowly. “But I want you to know that the idea of being intimate with both of you again, I mean, just the possibility of it, is delightful.” He looked down at the table. “You both know that I had, have, strong feelings for Tate. But, Sebastian, you affected me quite a bit as well.” He looked up at Sebastian’s blue-eyed gaze. “You’re both wonderful, attractive, fun, and caring young men. I would be honored to have the pleasure of your company, intimate or otherwise, any day of the week.”

– The Cross and the Trinity, Chapter Seven

“I’ve missed you,”

I said quickly, staring into his brown eyes, showing him the truth of that statement. “I’ve dreamt about you almost every fucking night.”

He looked surprised but pleased. “Have you?”

I nodded. “I don’t know if I love Sebastian anymore.”

The Cross and the Trinity, Chapter Five

I made it…

…down the stairs and out into the pouring rain. Great. Now I was getting soaked, on top of everything else. I shivered in the cold and wet, pulling my thin jacket closer around me. I felt terrible all of a sudden. Maybe I had a fever. Nausea suddenly rose up inside me and I stumbled over to the fence, puking loudly and vastly onto the concrete.

Fuck. It hurt. It hurt all over.

– The Cross and the Trinity, Chapter Four

He laughed, his…

…brown eyes twinkling with mischief and pleasure. “It’s good to see you, Tate!”

I cleared my throat, giving myself some time to recover from the shock. In those moments, as I looked into his familiar gaze, I remembered everything we had experienced together.

“James. It’s great to see you too.” I tried to smile.

– The Cross and the Trinity, Chapter Three

She gestured…

…to me. “I know this hot piece is your boyfriend, sweet cheeks. I wasn’t born yesterday.”

I coughed, trying to cover up my laughter, while Sebastian looked successively shocked, then found-out, then amused. “I guess I should know not to try to pull one over on you, Gran.”

Granny Jo turned to Mary, who stared at us with astonishment. “Told you, dear. Really, you need to get better instincts.”

– Beyond the Edge, Chapter 23

“I’m not going…

…to gag you today. I want to talk to you while I play with you. I think sometimes that gag is a comfort measure for you, so you don’t have to confront in words what is being done to you. Today you will. Today I will ask you questions and you will answer me without hesitation and with unflinching honesty. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“And if I tell you to be quiet you will do so without the aid of a gag. And it will mean that I don’t want to hear a peep out of you. Not a groan, not a whimper, not a scream. Do you understand?”


– Beyond the Edge, Chapter 22