“What kind of…

…a party is it?” I asked.
James smiled sweetly, which made me very nervous.
“Oh boy,” I muttered.
“It’s a fetish party, Tate. With the option to play.”
“Of course it is.”
“I go every year. Usually alone.”
“But you want to bring us.”
“Yes, if you want to go.” He looked down at his hands and then back at me, mischievously. “I’d really like you to go as my subs. We could make a game of it. But it’s entirely up to the two of you. And we can set limits. We’d need to.”

– The Cross and the Trinity, Chapter Fifteen100_7155

“Where are you?”

I asked.

“At work. Just finishing up for the day.”

“Want to come over for supper?” I said impulsively. “I mean, if you don’t have plans.”

“I’d love to. I’ll just go home and change first.”

“No, don’t.”


“No. You, in a suit? Kills me.”

– The Cross and the Trinity, Chapter Fifteen


I felt…

…a little nervous. Considering what he had up in the loft, would there be even more frightening stuff downstairs?
After following him down a carpeted flight of stairs and watching him flick on the lights, we were relieved to see that his cozy and refined basement featured merely a ping pong table, a huge flat screen TV—about twice the size of the one in the living room—a huge comfy looking sectional sofa, and a card table with four chairs.
He laughed when he saw our faces. “What did you think would be down here?”
I raised my eyebrows. “Cages? Fuck machines? God knows.”
Sebastian tittered nervously.
“No cages. And fuck machines are expensive. And rather redundant.” He made a face. “But can I interest you in a game of ping pong?” he asked, picking up a paddle.

– The Cross and the Trinity, Chapter Ten


“You’re home,”

I mumbled sleepily.


“How did it go?” I asked, glancing at the glowing green numbers on the clock. 12:21.

“We were too late for the movie we wanted to see, so we just wandered around the mall and ended up at Chapters. We looked at the new releases. And then we went over to the Fifty Shades display. It was hilarious. James picks the book up and opens it, and suddenly these middle aged women start to gather around him. He notices of course, so once they’re all hovering very near him and pretending to look at the books, he puts his copy back and says to me, loudly, ‘Imagine, a twenty-five page contract for that?’ Then he turns to me and says, “Yours is, what, three pages? Although I can’t remember, did we talk about ball stretching?”

– The Cross and the Trinity, Chapter Ten


Our next stop…

…was Wicked Wanda’s, and when we walked in we saw James looking at something in the clothing section. He held it out to us as we approached.

“I’m buying two of these. Medium I’d guess?” He smirked.

I took the box from him and examined the contents; a black rubber jock strap with a broad waistband and slim leg elastics.

I handed it to Sebastian. “For us?” I asked.

“Well, for me really. I want you to wear these in the loft. I think you’ll both look…” His eyes roamed over us, “…nice.”

– The Cross and the Trinity, Chapter Eight


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