Not the typical dungeon…

…that you would expect—dark and dimly lit and filled with frightening implements. The airy space gave forth a different vibe. The two uncovered windows looked out from the second floor room onto open fields at the back. Natural light shone in through a skylight in the middle of the ceiling, illuminating everything.

Beyond the Edge, Chapter One

I preceded him…

…into the room, hoping that he checked me out in my carefully chosen jeans and black Sex Pistols t-shirt. I’d found the latter at Value Village a few weeks ago and knew it would be the perfect club shirt, not to mention the perfect “meeting your Dom before playtime” shirt. Nothing beat retro punk wear, in my opinion.

I stood nervously beside the sofa, awaiting further instruction.

“Have a seat, Tate. And you can relax. We’re meeting as equals here to discuss the weekend. You don’t have to take on the sub role quite yet. When you arrive here next Friday, the situation will be different. But for now, we’re just friends discussing an upcoming event.”

Beyond the Edge, Chapter One

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