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Excerpt from The Loft – Book Two

April 20, 2017

*This scene takes place before a highly anticipated fetish party at La Petite Mort, a private club in Gatineau, Quebec. Nori pulled his phone from his pocket. “I have an idea for something. I ran it past Catherine and she liked it. Please tell me what you think?” He approached the three of us and… Read More ›

Skate Lace

When we got home we went upstairs to change out of our skating gear. My jeans were still wet from a fall and I imagine James’ clothes were also damp. As I was arranging my stuff on the back of a chair to dry James called down the hall. “There’s lots of room in the… Read More ›

Excerpt #1 from Return to the Beach House

  Darrin Peters stared at the memo in front of him. Written there on the Peters & Mayhew Construction letterhead, in his office manager’s distinctly neat writing was the following simple phrase: Please call Marco Zanetti at 1-902-749-4201 regarding renovations to the old house at Plover Point. Marco Zanetti. Darrin hadn’t encountered that name in… Read More ›

Inspiration, January 29th

We sat close together on his sofa and watched a rerun of Hell’s Kitchen; I was so hot for Chef Ramsay, it wasn’t funny. I wanted him to kiss me with that fuck hot dirty mouth of his and tell me what to do. I told Michael all of this. He cracked up. All of… Read More ›

Inspiration, November 19

“I want you upstairs,” I explained breathlessly. “And I am not letting you out of these fucking boots.” I finished doing up one boot and bent to kiss it before tying the other one. “You look really hot down there,” he murmured, watching as I finished the other one. I kissed it as well. I… Read More ›

Excerpt, November 10

The next day at work I demonstrated a complete lack of concentration, so distracted by the knowledge that I would be meeting with James that evening to discuss the technicalities of our kinky weekend. I hadn’t been in James’ home since that afternoon many months ago. I wondered if this would be just a sit… Read More ›

The Loft Teaser

Sebastian, James and I spent a week together over Christmas, mostly at James’ place, taking advantage of some time off and getting comfortable with our new arrangement. Sebastian had worked extra shifts for the entire month of December so that he could have the time off after Christmas, when the store wouldn’t be busy anyway…. Read More ›

Westfest Excerpts

From Chapter Twelve, Beyond the Edge: “So dance with me…” He started moving and, by God if, once he forgot about everyone else, he wasn’t a natural. I knew the boy could move, he’d fucked me crazy. He just needed a way to let go and apparently my command did the trick. We moved together… Read More ›

Too Hot for Facebook!

Look what one of my fans made for me!

“What kind of…

…a party is it?” I asked. James smiled sweetly, which made me very nervous. “Oh boy,” I muttered. “It’s a fetish party, Tate. With the option to play.” “Of course it is.” “I go every year. Usually alone.” “But you want to bring us.” “Yes, if you want to go.” He looked down at his… Read More ›