Long Distance (FFF, July 27)

Warning: Shameless self-promo. As Clive propped his sneakered feet on his rollaway and settled in to alternately read Elizabeth Lister’s The Cross and The Trinity on his Kindle app and watch the planes taking off, he imagined how surprised his sister would be to see him when he arrived in Toronto. Eloise’s friends had planned a surprise party for her 25th birthday and messaged him … Continue reading Long Distance (FFF, July 27)

Somerville – Excerpt

  Darrin Peters stared at the memo in front of him. Written there on the Peters & Mayhew Construction letterhead, in his office manager’s distinctly neat writing was the following simple phrase: Please call Marco Zanetti at 1-902-749-4201 regarding renovations to the old house at Plover Point. Marco Zanetti. Darrin hadn’t encountered that name in a very long time. For a second he wondered if … Continue reading Somerville – Excerpt

Teaser, White Balance, Ch. 7

Jeremy stood just inside the door, staring at me. “Martin.” I didn’t answer him. I pretended I hadn’t heard him. “Martin,” he said louder. I glanced up. “What?” “What is your fucking problem all of a sudden?” He sounded angry and frustrated and I really couldn’t blame him. But all the careful restraint I’d imposed on myself for the past couple of hours disintegrated. “My … Continue reading Teaser, White Balance, Ch. 7

“Handcuff Me To The Goddamn Bed.”

While reading a wonderful Flash Fiction piece by my friend Patrick Colton, I was reminded of one of my favourite scenes from my debut published work, Exposure. I’m going to share it here with a reminder that you can read White Balance, the sequel to this novel, for free on my website as I write it. So far, we are up to Chapter Three with … Continue reading “Handcuff Me To The Goddamn Bed.”

Teaser – The Little Drummer Boy

By Friday night it was obvious James wouldn’t be able to come through. “I feel terrible about this,” he said to us when he got home, “but I’m going to need to go into work tomorrow and Sunday. How’s the studying coming along, Sebastian?” Sebastian shrugged. “It’s under control. I’ll have to do some this weekend but I can give myself some free time as … Continue reading Teaser – The Little Drummer Boy

RTC Readings/Excerpts

If you weren’t able to attend my reading last night at Romancing the Capital (there were many events going on) I’ve got them here! Reading/excerpt #1, from Beyond the Edge (Book 1 in The James Lucas Trilogy): “So dance with me…” He started moving and, by God if, once he forgot about everyone else, he wasn’t a natural. I knew the boy could move, he’d … Continue reading RTC Readings/Excerpts