Beyond The Edge


Tate Mackenzie has finally earned a weekend with James Lucas, Ottawa’s best Dom.

He’s over the moon with excitement, until he’s told that another young man will be present during his much anticipated weekend. Put off balance by this news, Tate arranges to meet the man in question, in order to determine whether it’s worth continuing with his plans.

Sebastian Doucette is a kinkster’s dream – blond, blue eyed, seemingly innocent of the world of hard-core kink but possessed of a naturally submissive heart. Tate falls hard and decides that a weekend with James and Sebastian is exactly what he needs.

James Lucas is looking forward to an exciting weekend of putting both young men in their place. He isn’t prepared for the immediate chemistry that develops between his subs, nor the sudden deep feelings he experiences for one of them, but he is prepared to give them everything they’ve asked for.

Namely a weekend of kinky games and domination that pushes everyone’s boundaries.


Book I in The James Lucas Trilogy

~ Stand-alone OR read-in-sequence ~

*Gay, Contemporary, BDSM, Graphic, 18+*

Winner – Honorable Mention – NLA-International – for excellence in SM/Leather/Fetish writing, 2012 


If you are looking for a BDSM themed romance that pushes boundaries as well as making sure that you turn off the heat on a cold winter’s night just so you will cool off then Beyond the Edge is definitely the book for you! Highly recommended!

~ Gabbi, Top2Bottom Reviews, 2013



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