A Numinous Light


Book III in The James Lucas Trilogy

~ Stand-alone OR read-in-sequence ~

*Gay, Poly, Contemporary, BDSM, Graphic, 18+*


We’re getting ready to celebrate James’ big five-oh with a party, a penis cake, and a sexy surprise at home. Everything is going great with the three of us and we couldn’t be happier.

But of course, that’s when the shit always hits the fan, isn’t it? What exactly about a downhill skiing adventure did we find so compelling anyway?

I doubt I’ll want to go skiing again anytime soon.

Besides, now we have a wedding to attend. A wedding between two people who have a very interesting history with James.

Just when you think your fantastic gay Daddy/Dom can’t get any gayer, you find out he’s actually a little more fluid than you thought.

Mind. Blown.



A lovely (and hot!) conclusion to this series. I admit, I adore these characters too much to be entirely objective, but I continue to be enamored with the healthy portrayal of BDSM and an open-ish relationship that is refreshingly drama-free. It was deeply gratifying to spend more time in their world.

~ Natalie, 2015

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