Elizabeth is an unfailingly optimistic non-binary romantic kinkster who views books as a portal to a better world.

A world where an aspiring male model with a secret seduces a shy photographer (Exposure); a world where a brother unintentionally falls in love with his sister’s crush (The Crush); A world where three kinky men come together in a nontraditional relationship that pushes the boundaries of attraction (The James Lucas and Loft Trilogies); a world where an ancient Roman vampire finds love in the arms of a human woman and the young man he rescues from certain death (FANGS, Aeternum).

Elizabeth’s contemporary stories are authentic and genuine, showing queer characters in realistic situations and affirming relationships. Her BDSM trilogies feature positive, consent-based kink.

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BDSM Trilogies

My gay poly BDSM trilogies,

The James Lucas Trilogy

BeyondtheEdge_432               thecrossandthetrinity_432            NuminousLight_432-1


The Loft Trilogy,

theloft-1_432              The Loft by MP             The Loft book 3 by MP

explore the kinky committed relationship between three very different men.

JAMES ~ Masterful, competent, compassionate and romantic.

TATE ~ Bratty, intelligent, inquisitive and fun loving.

SEBASTIAN ~ Submissive, sweet, spiritual and extra kinky.

I adore these characters too much to be entirely objective, but I continue to be enamored with the healthy portrayal of BDSM and an open-ish relationship that is refreshingly drama-free. It was deeply gratifying to spend more time in their world.

~ Natalie, 2015

Beyond The Edge

Beyond the Edge by Elizabeth Lister


Tate Mackenzie has finally earned a weekend with James Lucas, Ottawa’s best Dom.

He’s over the moon with excitement, until he’s told that another young man will be present during his much anticipated weekend. Put off balance by this news, Tate arranges to meet the man in question, in order to determine whether it’s worth continuing with his plans.

Sebastian Doucette is a kinkster’s dream – blond, blue eyed, seemingly innocent of the world of hard-core kink but possessed of a naturally submissive heart. Tate falls hard and decides that a weekend with James and Sebastian is exactly what he needs.

James Lucas is looking forward to an exciting weekend of putting both young men in their place. He isn’t prepared for the immediate chemistry that develops between his subs, nor the sudden deep feelings he experiences for one of them, but he is prepared to give them everything they’ve asked for.

Namely a weekend of kinky games and domination that pushes everyone’s boundaries.

Universal Link

Book I in The James Lucas Trilogy

~ Stand-alone OR read-in-sequence ~

*Gay, Contemporary, BDSM, Graphic, 18+*

Winner – Honorable Mention – NLA-International – for excellence in SM/Leather/Fetish writing, 2012 


If you are looking for a BDSM themed romance that pushes boundaries as well as making sure that you turn off the heat on a cold winter’s night just so you will cool off then Beyond the Edge is definitely the book for you! Highly recommended!

~ Gabbi, Top2Bottom Reviews, 2013



The Loft – Book One

The Loft Book One by Elizabeth Lister

James, Tate and Sebastian are adjusting nicely to their fairly new poly arrangement. But when a former acquaintance of James’ becomes involved with a shady character and James’ efforts to help him backfire, Tate decides it is up to him to save the day even if it means putting himself in danger.

*Featuring the characters from Elizabeth Lister’s The James Lucas Trilogy 

Universal Link

Book 1 in *The Loft Trilogy

*Gay, Poly, Contemporary, BDSM, Graphic, 18+*

What Lister does with these three characters is magic on a couple of levels. On the one hand, Lister does her research. Be it consent, contracts, kink of any kind (and there are some rarely seen kinks in this piece—sounding, anyone?), I have never found even a shred of fault in the depiction, which always walks the perfect example of “safe and sane.”

Two, the intersection of these three characters with very different points of view balances the queer mentality really, really well. These men live and breathe and exist in very different circles (I love that Lister writes a character who is involved in the church as well as a character who wants nothing to do with religion), have different ages and life experiences, and have formed a unit that’s strong without making the parts feel weaker alone.

~ Nathan Burgoine, 2017


Two stand-alone contemporary novellas featuring characters who stumble upon love when they least expect it.