Thank You!

Well, I’m recently home from attending Romancing the Capital 2018 in my home town of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


This year, my fourteen year-old daughter, Gillian, joined me in my Queen Suite at the Holiday Inn Kanata for a crazy weekend of panels/workshops/events culminating in a giant book signing. The two of us had a blast and it was wonderful to introduce my daughter to so many wonderful and accomplished women.38529006_446145182549725_1927269430509699072_n

I want to send a huge THANK YOU out to all those who signed up to my mailing list, picked my book as a prize, and/or bought one (or more) of my books at the signing event. I just finished adding 38 people to my list and every time someone wrote “Yes!” (to being added to my list) in all caps or with an exclamation point it gave me so much motivation to continue what I do.

Writing can be a lonely business. Luckily I have a wonderful husband, two awesome kids, and a part time job to keep me from being a complete recluse, but it is at events like RTC, where I get to meet my people, that remind me that my work IS being read and enjoyed, and that people actually do want to hear from me.

My newsletter goes out once per month, so your inbox won’t be inundated with mail from me. I try to include some eye candy to keep you interested, an excerpt, updates on current projects, and recommendations for books I’ve read and enjoyed recently.

38485200_446145822549661_352600403931561984_nI don’t know how many times my daughter came to me and said, “Look how many people signed up for your newsletter!” or “Someone chose your book as their prize!” at an event. It made my heart happy that she was so proud and excited for me. She’s been asking for years to come to this event with me and, now that she’s fourteen, I figured she could handle the penis candy and the ribald humour of a bunch of romance writers! She still isn’t allowed to read my books but she can help me sell them!

I will be sending out a newsletter sometime this month. If anyone else would like to sign up to my mailing list, the link is here:

Yes, please, sign me up!

Another huge thank you to Eve Langlais who runs this amazing event each year and to my good friend Nathan Burgoine who shares my table at the signing and keeps me going amid all the exhaustion with his insights and humour.


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