Long Distance (FFF, July 27)


Warning: Shameless self-promo.

As Clive propped his sneakered feet on his rollaway and settled in to alternately read Elizabeth Lister’s The Cross and The Trinity on his Kindle app and watch the planes taking off, he imagined how surprised his sister would be to see him when he arrived in Toronto.

Eloise’s friends had planned a surprise party for her 25th birthday and messaged him to see if he could come down to celebrate. He’d rearranged a few things, packed the minimum amount and kissed his boyfriend Mitchell goodbye, promising to make it up the following weekend.

Mitchell had a gig on Saturday so couldn’t join him, unfortunately. Except that meant Clive could crash on Eloise’s couch and save a few bucks, so it was all good.

As he turned back to his phone and continued reading he really wished that Mitchell had been able to join him. Lister’s stories always made him horny and it was a shame he couldn’t put that to good use with Mitchell this weekend. Well, there was always phone sex. Maybe he’d read some of it out loud and imagine Mitchell blushing and touching himself while hearing the results.

Yeah, that could be good. Eloise would likely crash hard after drinking all the shots her friends bought her so that would work out in Clive’s favor.

He sent a quick text to his boyfriend:

Be ready for a phone call around midnight, Babe. Wear those blue boxer briefs I like, kay? Daddy’s gonna read to you again. 🙂

Almost immediately a happy face with bouncing eye hearts showed up from Mitchell followed by an eggplant.

Clive smiled and sent matching emojis with several additional hearts. He closed the text window and went back to the book:

“What kind of a party is it?” I asked.
James smiled sweetly, which made me very nervous.
“Oh boy,” I muttered.
“It’s a fetish party, Tate. With the option to play.”
“Of course it is.”
“I go every year. Usually alone.”
“But you want to bring us.”
“Yes, if you want to go.” He looked down at his hands and then back at me, mischievously. “I’d really like you to go as my subs. We could make a game of it. But it’s entirely up to the two of you. And we can set limits. We’d need to.”

Clive shifted in his seat. He’d read this story before and he loved the fetish party sequence.

He’d start reading it but save the best parts for the phone call.






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