Revving up for RTC 2018!

24210339_1939725286353838_4881529659232643914_oBestselling author Eve Langlais’ Romancing The Capital, an all-romance book convention held in near Ottawa each year, is almost upon us!


I haven’t actually attended any other book conventions, but from things I’ve heard and witnessed over the years, RTC is a standout in terms of organization, preparedness, inclusiveness, and general fun level.

Introduced as a place for authors and readers to hang out, relax, get silly and talk about romance of all kinds, this convention seems to get better every year. Largely made up of women who write het romance, as a queer author who writes graphic queer erotic fiction/romance, I have always felt welcome and included in panels and events.


My friend, ‘Nathan Burgoine, who also writes queer fiction and romance, has been a fixture at this convention each year and always presents insightful and well-received information panels on writing queer stories. This year he is conducting a workshop on Queer Inclusive Writing on Thursday, August 2nd (4-5pm), and mediating a panel titled People Aren’t a Sub-Genre on Friday, August 3rd (9-10am), as well as presenting another hour-long session of RTC Against Humanity (1-2pm) which involves a game using book blurbs from attending authors with blanks to fill in using all kinds of silly options from other book blurbs — a very popular event last year for good reason.

‘Nathan is rather a magician when it comes to devising ingenious games. In fact, as part of the RTC 2018 Author Postcard Hunt he has set up a great Wizard Quest on the back of his cards in which readers can form covens and gain magical abilities by attending panels and events during the convention.

I’ll be assisting at ‘Nathan’s RTC Against Humanity event again and he and I are hosting a Badge Decorating Workshop on Thursday, August 2, at 1pm, so that attendees can bling up their name cards and speak to us about what to expect from the three day convention.28117696

I’ll also be helping my fellow authors Sheri Lyn, Gracen Miller, and Cassidy O’Connor with their event, Family Feud – Getting Off On Books on Friday, August 3rd (10-12). This promises to be a fun, familiar hour of fun questions, ridiculous answers and lots of laughs.

LSB Cover Art Template for PhotoShopOn Saturday August 4 (8-9am), Elle Rush, Olivia Rigal and I will be serving pastries and hot coffee to early risers (Morning Sugar Rush) and offering a couple of relaxing distractions to begin your day.



Full RTC 2018 Schedule

I love this convention so much because Eve is so very good at including a diverse group of authors. There is straight romance, gay romance, bisexual romance (ménage), shifter, science fiction, mystery, military, historical, and every other sub-genre you can imagine, ranging from sweet to scorching heat levels. There are writers of all colours, orientations and backgrounds. Every year, there are some different faces, lots of familiar ones, and an overarching sense of mutual respect even as NY Times bestselling authors mix and mingle with indie and self-published newcomers.


I’ve never felt like I played second fiddle to the more popular authors here. We know we have much to learn from each other and lots of different insights to share. In a time when the romance book industry has been the subject of divisive and unsettling controversy (not for the first time), Romancing the Capital demonstrates very nicely what wonderful things happen when writers and readers respect and include each other.

The book selling and signing event from 4-6pm on Saturday, August 4th is open to the public (Holiday Inn and Suites Kanata, second floor).

Here is a link to a video of the book signing from last year:

2017 RTC Book Signing

I hope you can make it!


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