The Loft – Book Three

The Loft book 3 by MP

Book 3 in The Loft Trilogy

~ Stand-alone OR read-in-sequence ~


I should tell you about some stuff that happened just after Sebastian and I got into a legitimate relationship with James. You know, just about the time we went to that incredible fetish party at Patrice’s place in Montreal. Back when I was still a youthful twenty-eight and Sebastian an innocent (lol) twenty-four, and James the hottest forty-five year-old Daddy/Dom.

The good news? I got a promotion at my job.

The bad news? My new client wants more than some professional input.

The guy is hot, no mistake, but I’m now living with the two men I’m in love with and there’s no room for a fourth. How do I tell him I’m not interested in way that he’ll understand and respect?

And someone is sending James threatening emails implying that he’s seen us “in action” at home and does not approve. What if it’s true? I don’t want my naked ass plastered all over the internet, even though it is amazing.

I think I’m going to throw up…


Told entirely from Tate’s point-of-view, it has amazed me throughout this series how Elizabeth Lister gets into the mind of this character. It has been a unique experience getting to know James and Sebastian only through Tate’s eyes.

Lister has created an incredible dynamic and explores the facets of these men coming together to create a healthy working relationship.

~ Trio, 2017

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