New Cover!

A couple of weeks ago, my thirteen year-old daughter, Gillian, opined that she was bored and I suggested she draw something since she loves art and she is very talented at it. She suggested that maybe she could draw something for one of my book covers. Most of my books already have book covers arranged by and paid for by my publisher. But the serial novel I’m writing on my website had a cover that I just kind of slapped together so I suggested she could perhaps try to draw the main character from that story, a photographer named Martin. I wondered how well she would be able to do it and I looked forward to seeing what she came up with.

The sketch looked pretty amazing from the start and she spent a week shading it and perfecting it. She drew the character to my specifications, asking about hair length, whether he’d have a bit of stubble, etc. I was very impressed.

When she showed me the final sketch, I was flabbergasted! It was amazing and just so perfect for a kick ass cover! I decided to pay her $40 for the rights to the image, which, luckily, she accepted. This sketch was worth at least that much and would have been worth more had she been an older, established artist. But I wanted to show her that she could make money off her art this way.

Anyway, without further ado, this is the cover I designed with her sketch:

Cover art by Gillian Lister

White Balance is a long form free-to-read story available HERE.

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