Robotics – Friday Flash Fic., Feb. 2


The guy was hot, there was no doubt about that. How he’d ended up aboard a Class D transport instead of a Class A fighter was beyond me. He looked like a Class A+++ fucking soldier.

We ended up at the same table in the cafeteria one day and I asked him about his arm. How he’d lost it. He’d blushed and said there’d been a stupid teleporting accident. He and a group of friends had been fooling around and hadn’t used the machine properly. Part of him had been left behind. He was just glad it had been something he’d had two of to begin with.

I told him I thought the mechanical arm looked pretty bad ass.

He’d smiled and winked. “I can do lots of cool stuff with it.”

The next day he’d deliberately sat across from me in the cafeteria.

“Is this seat taken?”


He put down his tray and sat that gorgeous ass down in front of me. “What’s your schedule today?”

I blinked. “Huh?”

“I mean,” He said quietly, picking up an apple and taking a big juicy bite. He chewed deliberately for a few moments, making me wait. “When do you get off?”

His choice of words left me breathless. Luckily I didn’t say Whenever you want to help me and instead coughed out, “In three hours.”

He nodded, checking me out. I sat up straighter and hoped my uniform was immaculate. He kept eating that lucky apple and all I could do was stare and hope I wasn’t drooling. Food was the last thing on my mind.

“Room 21337.”


“Meet me there. In three hours.”

“Okay?” I could barely make words. The desire in his eyes made them turn a dark, dark blue.

“If you want me to show you.”

“Sh-show me?”

He smiled slowly, flexing the fingers of his mechanical hand with a small buzzing of the motor that powered them.

“What this arm can do.”

He stood up, taking his tray and dumping the rest of his lunch into the trash. He turned to look at me again, the white flesh of the apple now fully devoured. He held up the bare core and showed me before tossing it away.

“See you there.”

I managed to keep from fainting but had to sit still for a long time before I could get up. I checked my watch. These would be the longest fucking three hours I’d ever have to wait.


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Author of gay erotica with MLR Press.

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