Flash Fiction Monday, October 16 – Proposal


Caleb was dreaming. He was dreaming that someone had nestled a warm cat under his arm and he could feel it breathing and occasionally jerking in its sleep. It was a nice dream but as he emerged from it he was filled with regret, because he remembered that his actual cat, Double O Seven, had died weeks ago. The cat in the dream wasn’t Double O Seven, but it was a cat at least. A warm, snuggly…wait a minute, he could still feel the warm body of the cat under his arm.

Caleb opened his eyes and startled, causing the small puppy to jerk but it didn’t wake up. What the ? A puppy? He didn’t own a puppy! Where had this puppy come from? And how could he be snuggling with it like he’d gone to sleep with it?

He looked over the puppy, noticing that it was a yellow labrador, and cute as a button, like all puppies. But what was it doing here?

Slowly, as if not wanting to wake up if this was just another dream, Caleb lifted his eyes from the puppy to the room around him.

His eyes found a familiar person sitting in the armchair by the curtained windows.

“Hey,” the man said, smiling. “You were really asleep.”

Caleb smiled at Daniel, raising his eyebrows and glancing down at the puppy under his arm.

“I got him for you, Caleb. He’s yours.”

The puppy stretched and yawned, snuggling into the young man’s warmth. “But why?”

Daniel laughed, standing and walking over to the sofa where Caleb and the puppy lay. “Why not? You’ve been so sad the past few weeks.” He knelt down and placed his hand gently on the puppy’s head. “I can’t stand seeing you so sad.”

Caleb looked up at his boyfriend with a wide smile. “Thank you. I can’t believe you got me a puppy!”

Daniel nodded. “Not just any puppy. This puppy is very special.”

“He is?”

“He’s an engagement present. Seemed more meaningful than a ring.”

Caleb looked at Daniel, his features showing confusion. “But, but we’re not…we’re not engaged…unless…are you asking?”

“Yeah. I am. I figured if I got you a puppy you’d have to say yes.”

“I’d have said yes, anyway. Yes, yes and yes.”


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