Animal Attraction – Friday Flash Fiction, October 13th


Maybe, if I stayed right here, motionless and quiet, he’d come to me. I’d been waiting all afternoon. He’d seemed so distant when I’d brought him back to the apartment but I knew he was desperate for anything resembling affection.

So I’d kept things low key, fed him supper, rambled aimlessly about my life and what I hoped to accomplish, and prayed he’d give me some kind of a chance.

When I’d failed to entice him to me by nine thirty, I decided to give up and go to bed. I bid him good night and suggested he make a comfortable place for himself on the sofa.

But while I undressed down to a pair of grey boxer briefs I heard a small sound indicating that he’d followed me to the bedroom. Without looking directly at him, I sat down on the floor beside the bed and rested my back against it, stretching out my legs and closing my eyes. If he needed patience and silence in order to trust that I wouldn’t harm him in any way, I would give it to him.

When I finally opened my eyes a tiny crack I saw him peeking out at me from under the dresser, his tiny pink nose and long white whiskers testing the air for my scent. I smiled and let my eyes close, feeling confident he’d approach when he was ready.

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