Monday Flash Fiction, October 9th



Samuel stretched out on the cool grass, finding relief in the shade and quiet of the forest. He’d been up since sunrise that morning and knew he’d have to be careful to avoid falling asleep. He could hear the sounds of gunfire and screaming in the far distance but shut it all out. He’d had to run a fair way and now he just wanted to lie down and catch his breath.

He couldn’t stop thinking about Captain Miller, the rakish leader of the British Redcoats regiment that was attacking his village. That man had more sexual energy in his pinky finger than most had in their cocks. In fact, Samuel would give anything to have that pinky finger trailing over his skin, touching him in intimate places, poking his sensitive spots, while Captain Miller told him everything he would do to punish Samuel’s cowardice.

He shivered in the cool shade, his dick swelling in the itchy wool underclothes he wore. He’d ripped his white linen tunic off over his head as he ran, leaving it on the field as a tribute to his surrender. They could do whatever they wanted with it, just like they could with him. If they found him.

Suddenly, he heard leaves crunching and the sound of a twig snapping nearby. He sat up quickly, heart pounding. His eyes widened as Captain Miller towered over him, pointing his bayonet into the clearing. His brown eyes gazed fiercely down on Samuel.

Samuel shivered again, letting a soft smile break on his features. “You found me.”

Captain Miller nodded, resting his rifle against a broken log and falling to his knees beside Samuel. “Why did you run?”

Samuel shrugged, one hand brushing over the bulge in his own trousers. “It seemed like the best way of getting you to chase me.”

Captain Miller stared at Samuel with annoyance but soon his features relaxed and he laughed. He sat back on his heels, shucking off the heavy red coat and unbuckling his wide leather belt.

Samuel looked around, waiting to be surprised by others.

“What are you doing?”

He noticed the sounds of the battle had eerily silenced.

Captain Miller shrugged, unbuttoning his linen shirt. “They’ve all fucked off to the catered lunch. I figured I’d find you and we could enjoy a quickie before anyone missed us.”

Samuel grinned, sitting up and working on undoing his pants. “Good thinking, “Captain Miller”.” he said breathlessly, as the bigger man descended on him. “Y’know, when you offered me a job as an extra on this shoot I never expected it to be so fucking boring and uncomfortable. Or to have to get up so damn early. You can at least make it worth my while now.”

“Quiet, boy,” “Captain Miller”, a.k.a, Samuel’s boyfriend Matthew, ordered, flipping the young man over and roughly pulling his clothes out of the way. “You’ll fulfill your duty or you’ll feel the edge of my sword.”

Samuel smothered a gasp and a giggle. “Yes, Captain. If you’re fast we can even get some sandwiches after.”

Matthew’s soft laughter and unbidden groan joined the summer birdsong.

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