The Alternative


The Cheshire Cat says…

There’s a brand new adult store in town and it’s in my neighbourhood!

The Alternative Adult Store, at 2407 Kaladar Avenue, is a fantastic space with a variety of stimulating items on display.

Of course my favourite spot was an Alice in Wonderland themed back room full of BDSM delights like cock cages and anal hooks, steel collars and studded corsets.


anal hooks

Not to mention floggers and crops. I loved the quote on the wall and the oversize upturned chess pieces on the ceiling. What a creative and beautiful spot to explore one’s fetishes!

Floggers and crops and paddles, oh my!



My husband and I were there for the grand opening on May 6th and were delighted to run into Ottawa’s famous Zelda Marshall and to meet Cynthia Brown, the owner of The Alternative. A major motivation for Ms. Brown in setting up the store is to bring in a wide variety of items that you might not find in other stores, like consignment wear and some more exotic fetish items.



We even found some Doctor Who leggings that we bought for our twelve year-old!

Cynthia already has a good selection of plus size lingerie and hopes to bring in more.

There are also some very cheeky greeting cards and a selection of personal lubricants.


greeting card

Lots of toys for ladies and men.


eggs and vibrators


male chastity devices (cock cages)

And a wonderful selection of stainless steel accessories:


steel collar and cuffs, dildos

There was even some pretty extreme bondage furniture on display:


cage with stocks

Unfortunately we couldn’t stay long enough for the more exciting aspects of the Grand Opening, like performances by Zelda Marshall and a little burlesque show. We missed the cake too!

But we did get to meet the pretty pony making cotton candy:


the author with a pretty pony

A nice touch is the little lounging area where people can wait while their partners try on clothes etc. I don’t think I’ve seen this in other adult stores, although it’s fairly standard in lingerie shops.

We spoke to Ms. Brown at length about her inspiration for the store and I broached the subject of possibly holding a book launch there when The Loft – Book Two releases this summer. I can’t honestly think of a more appropriate or accommodating venue.

You can visit and Like The Alternative Facebook Page here.

I’m so excited to have this store open here in South Ottawa. Most of the time a trip to a decent adult store would involve a trip downtown. Now we have one in our backyard.


Welcome to the neighbourhood!

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