The Loft Teaser

Photo courtesy of Brandon Jones

Sebastian, James and I spent a week together over Christmas, mostly at James’ place, taking advantage of some time off and getting comfortable with our new arrangement. Sebastian had worked extra shifts for the entire month of December so that he could have the time off after Christmas, when the store wouldn’t be busy anyway. James and I had been able to take vacation days. It just made the season even more special.
We hadn’t officially come out as a threesome to our friends and family yet, although some of them had guessed the dynamic already. We weren’t really able to hide our affection for each other. But it didn’t matter after Christmas Day because we spent most of our time indoors, at James’ home, keeping warm in the crisp December weather and looking forward to New Year’s Eve.
“Don’t move,” James whispered in my ear as he clutched a handful of my hair, pulling my head back, and ran his fingers down my chest.
I inhaled sharply, trying to be still. My cock throbbed as I felt my nipple teased and then pinched hard.
“Fuck.” I said, closing my eyes.
Then Sebastian’s lips surrounded my cock and I cried out again. “Fuck!”

~ from The Loft – Book I

Photo via Brandon Jones

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  1. Hi My name is brandon jones and this is a picture of my boyfriend and I. Thow im flattered that you used it for your article i would have appreciate that you asked before using it


    1. Hi Brandon – I’m so sorry that I used the photo without your permission. I did not know the origin of the photo. Would you prefer that I remove the photo or would you like me to add a link to your blog? Again, I am sorry. I do try to get permission if I know where the photo came from.

      ~ Liz


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