Westfest Excerpts


From Chapter Twelve, Beyond the Edge:

“So dance with me…”

He started moving and, by God if, once he forgot about everyone else, he wasn’t a natural. I knew the boy could move, he’d fucked me crazy. He just needed a way to let go and apparently my command did the trick.

We moved together to the beat of the music, rocking our hips and flirting with each other, sweating and smiling and having fun.

Then the band started to play a slow, sultry number so I took Sebastian’s wrist, spinning him around, and took his other wrist so that his arms crossed in front of him. I pulled him back against me, making him move with me. I swayed my hips, pressing my hard-on against his leather-clad ass and holding his hands to his sides. His head lolled back against my shoulder, his eyes closed, and he swayed with me, pushing back against my erection.

Heaven. The scent of him, the feel of his body against mine, everything swirled together into a hazy fog of happiness. I felt euphoric, aroused, and so excited by this beautiful boy and the possibilities ahead of us.

“Let’s get out of here,” I said in his ear, flicking my tongue against the lobe.

He turned his head, nodding. I let go of his wrists and in a moment we were kissing, sharing our passion with each other and the entire dance floor. My fingers wove into his hair holding him still as I kissed those perfect lips, hungrily feasting on him until I couldn’t take anymore. His hands clutched my shirt and I could feel his need, not to mention my own. We had to go…

I wrenched myself away from him. Some guys smiled at the two of us knowingly but I didn’t even care as I twined my fingers with his, holding his gaze and said, breathlessly, “My place?”

As soon as we stepped out of the bar and headed down the steps, Sebastian said, “We could go to my place, if you want? It’s closer.”

“Sold,” I said.

He squeezed my hand, hard, as we stepped onto the sidewalk. “How fast can you walk?”

“Watch me,” I said, pulling him along.

We kept stopping to grope each other as we climbed the stairs to Sebastian’s apartment. By the time he actually keyed the door open and moved inside, I’d gotten his jacket off and was unbuttoning his white shirt.

“Tate…” he moaned, kissing me frantically and helping me with his shirt. “Oh fuck! I wanna…I wanna…fuck you,” he breathed out between kisses.

I groaned, ripping the last button from his shirt as I wrenched it off him, pushing him backward into his room. I was desperate, so horny and wild for him. I shoved him roughly down onto his bed and started to strip.

“You want to fuck me?” I asked, eyebrows raised.

He nodded, his eyes like two blue coals, staring at me from under hooded lids. He lay back, taking his pants off as his cock rose, thick and red, before me.

“Well, goddammit,” I murmured, tossing my shirt on the floor and pulling my pants off. “…If you think you can do the job,” I teased him, grinning.

He laughed. “Get over here…”

And I was on him. We struggled together, naked, both achingly hard and eager. He pressed me down on the bed beneath him covering me with his muscular body, rubbing his erection against my own.

“Oh my God.” He looked down at me, blond hair falling in front of his eyes. He shook it out of them. “I want to fuck you so hard, Tate, so fucking long and so fucking hard.”

I arched my back, pushing up to him. “Then do it.”


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From Chapter SevenA Numinous Light

“What’s the matter?” James asked, regarding Sebastian who had a faraway look on his face.

Sebastian came back to the present. “This is the first year I haven’t performed with the choir at the Christmas Eve service.”

“You can always sing for me and Tate when we get back to the condo.”

Sebastian laughed. “I suppose I could.”

I looked at James, who seemed to be thinking about something other than Sebastian’s voice at the moment. Our eyes met.

“What?” he asked innocently.


When we got back to the condo James posed a question to Sebastian.

“Have you got something to sing, Sebastian? Something very holy?”

“Sure. I’ve sung the hymns so often I don’t need the written music.”

“Okay. Then I’m going to get you to sing,” James said, bringing us into the large master bedroom. “Stand against the wall there.” He positioned Sebastian where he wanted him and turned to me.

“Pull down your pants and lean over the edge of the bed— don’t take them off, just pull them down. And your boxers.”

“You know, Santa can see everything.”

“Then you’d better be good and do as you’re told.”

James turned to Sebastian. “Start singing please. Don’t stop until I tell you to. And don’t move from that spot.”


My cock had hardened when James told me to get into this position. Now it swelled more at his words. And even more when Sebastian’s beautiful tenor filled the room with the ancient words of an Italian hymn, making me feel like a supplicant in a holy temple.

I gripped the coverlet in my fists as James walked over to me. Since I still had some clothes on I felt extra vulnerable and exposed. I glanced at Sebastian, who kept singing softly, his eyes on us. He looked so hot standing there in his black pants, white shirt, and black bow tie. James had let him remove his dinner jacket, but he still looked like a wet dream.

“I believe I promised you a spanking,” he said. “Wait. If I know Patrice and Freddy…”

I glanced behind me to see him pull open a couple of drawers until he found what he was looking for.

“Aha.” He lifted a small leather paddle from the drawer and examined it. “It’s not very big but it’s worth saving my hand.” He sat beside me on the bed where Sebastian’s view of the proceedings wouldn’t be blocked. “Eyes forward. Hands behind your back.”

I obeyed, my breaths coming quickly with the anticipation.

“Count,” he said, and began.

I didn’t know how many he would give me. I didn’t care. I settled into it, perfectly happy to have James very much alive and paddling my ass after last night’s scare. And Sebastian’s singing made the entire experience both more deviant and more ethereal.

He gave me ten and put the paddle down. I relaxed for a moment, enjoying the warm glow of pain from my rear and the throbbing pleasure in my cock and balls.

He stood up and walked over to Sebastian, his fingers quickly finding the fly of Sebastian’s dress pants.

“Keep singing,” he said as Sebastian’s voice faltered slightly. “Eyes forward.”

James undid Sebastian’s fly and roughly pulled his pants and boxers down. Sebastian’s uncut cock bounced free as he struggled to keep his voice steady. James took it in his hand and began stroking back and forth until it stood firm in his grip. Sebastian stared forward over James’ shoulder and kept singing, the reverent words spilling from his open mouth as James teased him.

“The exquisiteness of your voice, Sebastian, matches the beauty of your body and the grace of your soul,” he murmured, falling to his knees. He gripped Sebastian’s cock firmly at its base and bent to engulf it in his eager mouth.

I lay on the bed, helpless to do anything but watch and listen to Sebastian’s faltering tenor. He tried his best to sing well even with his cock down James’ throat, but the effort was obvious. Trust James to turn Sebastian’s incredible talent into a form of torture. The singing became more and more of a challenge the closer he got to orgasm.

Finally, James released him and stood up. “Good boy. You can stop now.”

To underscore his command, James gripped Sebastian’s chin and kissed him, swallowing the last notes in a violent, passionate kiss that took even my breath away. When he pulled back he said, “Now use that beautiful mouth on me, Sebastian. Make my prick sing.”


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