This is What Trans Looks Like


Meet Aydien Ethan Dowling. Aydien was born female and transitioned to male in 2009. He is currently in first place in the Men’s Health Ultimate Guy Search.

This is the first time a trans individual has ranked so high in a men’s magazine contest. Even thought the popular vote only counts for 10% of the final result, the support behind Aydien is amazing. In fact, this is the first time there have been two trans men on a list such as this. #18 at the moment is Buck Angel, another pioneering and inspiring individual.

Laverne Cox, another transgender individual in the public eye, was just named one of People’s Most Beautiful People of the Year.

Is it possible that the general public is becoming used to the idea of gender fluidity and the possibility that people’s brains are more indicative of their gender than their DNA or genitalia?

Aydien is no doubt hotter than hot, but he is also a driven entrepreneur and a family man. Read his profile and vote for him here.

And enjoy these photos of Aydien:











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