“You’re home,”

I mumbled sleepily.


“How did it go?” I asked, glancing at the glowing green numbers on the clock. 12:21.

“We were too late for the movie we wanted to see, so we just wandered around the mall and ended up at Chapters. We looked at the new releases. And then we went over to the Fifty Shades display. It was hilarious. James picks the book up and opens it, and suddenly these middle aged women start to gather around him. He notices of course, so once they’re all hovering very near him and pretending to look at the books, he puts his copy back and says to me, loudly, ‘Imagine, a twenty-five page contract for that?’ Then he turns to me and says, “Yours is, what, three pages? Although I can’t remember, did we talk about ball stretching?”

– The Cross and the Trinity, Chapter Ten


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