I felt…

…a little nervous. Considering what he had up in the loft, would there be even more frightening stuff downstairs?
After following him down a carpeted flight of stairs and watching him flick on the lights, we were relieved to see that his cozy and refined basement featured merely a ping pong table, a huge flat screen TV—about twice the size of the one in the living room—a huge comfy looking sectional sofa, and a card table with four chairs.
He laughed when he saw our faces. “What did you think would be down here?”
I raised my eyebrows. “Cages? Fuck machines? God knows.”
Sebastian tittered nervously.
“No cages. And fuck machines are expensive. And rather redundant.” He made a face. “But can I interest you in a game of ping pong?” he asked, picking up a paddle.

– The Cross and the Trinity, Chapter Ten


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