Thank You!

Well, I’m recently home from attending Romancing the Capital 2018 in my home town of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. This year, my fourteen year-old daughter, Gillian, joined me in my Queen Suite at the Holiday Inn Kanata for a crazy weekend of panels/workshops/events culminating in a giant book signing. The two of us had a blast and it was wonderful to introduce my daughter to so … Continue reading Thank You!

Long Distance (FFF, July 27)

Warning: Shameless self-promo. As Clive propped his sneakered feet on his rollaway and settled in to alternately read Elizabeth Lister’s The Cross and The Trinity on his Kindle app and watch the planes taking off, he imagined how surprised his sister would be to see him when he arrived in Toronto. Eloise’s friends had planned a surprise party for her 25th birthday and messaged him … Continue reading Long Distance (FFF, July 27)

Revving up for RTC 2018!

Bestselling author Eve Langlais’ Romancing The Capital, an all-romance book convention held in near Ottawa each year, is almost upon us! I haven’t actually attended any other book conventions, but from things I’ve heard and witnessed over the years, RTC is a standout in terms of organization, preparedness, inclusiveness, and general fun level. Introduced as a place for authors and readers to hang out, relax, get … Continue reading Revving up for RTC 2018!

Book Review – Confessions: Julien by Ella Frank

Confessions – Elizabeth – I read this book in the throes of grief over my beloved pet Schnauzer, Bee Bee, who had to be put down last Thursday, three weeks shy of her 15th birthday. Thank goodness I can rely on Ella Frank to tell a great story. Confessions: Julien centres around Julien Thornton, master chef and one third of the romantic unit that encompasses … Continue reading Book Review – Confessions: Julien by Ella Frank

Now I Lay Down

Coming in 2019! Blurb:  A beautiful creature pulls Troy McAllister back from a suicide jump off his apartment balcony one hot summer night. Troy has lost everything – his job, his boyfriend, his family. He doesn’t have the money to pay his rent so he’ll soon lose his apartment too. What does he have to live for? Shiloh is a Guardian who finds himself called … Continue reading Now I Lay Down