White Balance – Chapter Nine

I woke up to the alarm on Jeremy’s phone at seven thirty. He had to meet Kureck at his studio at ten and wanted plenty of time to get ready. When I felt him start to move out from under the bedsheets I wrapped a hand around his wrist, keeping him close. “Wait a second.” “What? This better not be a booty call, Martin. You … Continue reading White Balance – Chapter Nine

Cover Reveal – Confessions: Julian by Ella Frank

Book Two in Ella Frank’s fantastic Confessions series is coming out June 4th! I’m pleased to be helping Ella to promote these wonderful books. My review of Confessions: Robbie (book one) can be found here.   Confessions: Julien, book two in the steamy contemporary MMM Confessions Series from Ella Frank, is coming June 4th! Confessions: Julien by Ella Frank New Release Date: June 4th, 2018 … Continue reading Cover Reveal – Confessions: Julian by Ella Frank

Now I Lay Down

Blurb:  A beautiful creature pulls Troy McAllister back from a suicide jump off his apartment balcony one hot summer night. Troy has lost everything – his job, his boyfriend, his family. He doesn’t have the money to pay his rent so he’ll soon lose his apartment too. What does he have to live for? Shiloh is a Guardian who finds himself called to rescue Troy … Continue reading Now I Lay Down

Jingle Balls – Friday Flash Fic., March 16

Dear Lord, it was sweltering outside. How was I supposed to get in the Christmas spirit surrounded by palm trees, surfers and ancient volcanoes? I’d jumped at the opportunity to move to Hawaii when the possibility of a transfer had come up within the company. It had been absolutely amazing for the first six months until I’d realized that nothing was changing. The weather was … Continue reading Jingle Balls – Friday Flash Fic., March 16

RTC Prize Pack Raffle

Last year at the Romancing the Capital Convention in Kanata, Ontario, I raffled off a hard copy of Michael Stoke’s book Masculinity. To participate, attendees had to give me their email address in person. I had such a blast meeting people who wanted to sign up for the draw that I’m giving away another wonderful prize this year. 2018’s prize pack will include a paperback copy … Continue reading RTC Prize Pack Raffle

Scrabble – Nathan’s Flash Fic Challenge for March

My buddy, Nathan, runs a Flash Fiction challenge each month. He picks randomly from a selection of genres, objects, and locations and the results for March were: a Romance, with a VHS cassette, in a fire watch tower. So I kind of played fast and loose with those guidelines because that’s how I roll. Also, the stories are supposed to be within a 1000 word … Continue reading Scrabble – Nathan’s Flash Fic Challenge for March

Baby Talk – Friday Flash Fic, March 9th

“Thats … him?” Cade nodded with a smug smile on his face. “Yep. That’s Mark. With little Jade.” “Can the dog walk or is it missing its legs?” I asked. Cade blinked and screwed up his forehead. “Huh?” ”He’s carrying his dog in a backpack. Don’t you think that’s a little … precious?” Cade shrugged. “I think it’s kind of cute actually.” “Really?” Cade’s tone … Continue reading Baby Talk – Friday Flash Fic, March 9th

One-Night-Stand – Friday Flash Fic., March 2nd

He stood looking out the glass walls at the small backyard. Concrete walls surrounded the tiny space but for a large cutout at the side that let in the bright morning sunshine and gave a soft blue tint to the stone. Lionel could see greenery and remembered the lush surroundings of the place that he’d seen the previous evening when he’d stumbled onto the dark … Continue reading One-Night-Stand – Friday Flash Fic., March 2nd

Is It March Already?

Whew, is it really March??? Winter flew by incredibly fast this year! We just celebrated my son’s 11th birthday and spring weather is upon us a little early. I know that the snow and cold will make a reappearance before this month is over but I’m really enjoying it right now. I only have one work week left (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday) before getting 11 days … Continue reading Is It March Already?

Sorrow – Friday Flash Fic., Feb. 23

We’d walked three miles to get there, so by the time we reached the sand and the water I was completely exhausted. I collapsed to the sand and stared out at the waves and the clouds. But Noah just stood there, looking out at the grey water, watching the water lap at the shore, his chest rising and falling, eyes shining with moisture. He blinked … Continue reading Sorrow – Friday Flash Fic., Feb. 23

Cover Reveal – Confessions, Robbie, by Ella Frank

This fall I read the Temptations series by Ella Frank and really fell in love with her characters and writing style. I agreed to be part of a cover reveal blitz for her next book which is the beginning of a brand new series called Confessions. The first book, Robbie, featuring a minor character from the Temptations series is set to be released soon and … Continue reading Cover Reveal – Confessions, Robbie, by Ella Frank